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On the Boob Tube: Week of November 15 – 21

This Saturday, and every Saturday for the duration of the TV season, we bring you On The Boob Tube with The Book Smugglers:

in which we talk about all those water cooler moments of the past week’s episodes, raving about the good, ranting about the bad.

Ana’s Favorites:


Meh, this week didn’t do much for me. I was expecting a lot more after Dexter killed an innocent man last week. Even though the episode did deal with it, a la Dexter (by examining and comparing) , I still felt underwhelmed. I was surprised that Trinity tried to kill himself and the whole euphony he went through was WEIRD. And what about Deb’s find that Lundy’s killer can not be Trinity? WTF? Who was it then? Do we have a suspect? I have to admit, the first person I thought was the skanky journalist but I have no motive. And Rita. Rita, Rita, Rita do NOT DARE cheat on Dexter.


Another great, amusing episode. I liked this week’s case even though I guessed the killer from the start, but it was great seeing Castle being led by his nose in this one. I still can’t suspend my disbelief though with the NYPD walking around and including him in all of their interrogations and investigations. And can I ask a question? When does exactly he actually you know…WRITE?

Modern Family

OMG , I finally watched the first episode of Modern Family and I can’t believe how hilarious it was! How come I did not know that Al Bundy was in it. And Phil! – could that be? No, it can not be! But maybe? Surely not? The new Michael Scott? Cause all of his scenes were definitely cringe worthy. loved it and am adding it to the must-watch list!


Dudes. I am watching it but I am saving the snark-fest for this year’s Smugglivus’ Airing of Grievances.


LOVED the episode. Especially because there is now a Most Hawt Mysterious character for me to crush on! The infiltrated doctor, I am betting he is this John May! The twist with him killing the FBI guy and then blondie being Anna’s daughther was cool too. I am really digging this show.


I thought the whole episode was STUPID. House is back to manipulating people in the worst of ways. the whole thing with Thirteen (GOD I hate that woman) and Taub was ridiculous. I can’t believe Cameron left so easily and I can’t believe Chase didn’t leave with her! Come on! He was never THAT into the team anyways, now he wants to stay and the woman he loved for ages is finally THERE for him? COME ON. Gaah. Yeah, Cameron’s final speech was touching but too little too late in my opinion.

The Office:

One word: Re-Cyclops.

Thea’s Favorites:


It’s really coming down to the wire now – you can feel the end of the season RAPIDLY approaching. Sob. I am going to miss you Dexter.

Well, this week was solid once again, although I’m more than a little annoyed with the implication that Rita’s going to sleep around on Dexter (next door neighbor douche – to quote Dex, “Do I see sheets of plastic in your future?”), and that someone other than Trinity shot Lundy and Deb. My money right now is on Quinn’s reporter girlfriend (aka Ms. No Top). Although I’m more than a little pissed that yet again, there’s another Batshit!Crazy! girlfriend on the show. Can we get some originality here? A non-clingy/bitchy/insane female character please? No? (on the flip side, someone about Deb’s height with motive for murder – it COULD be Dexter himself. He could be snapping – his murder of an innocent man last week proves this. Wouldn’t that be a helluva twist!?)

Quinn is also starting to remind me of Doakes in more than one way…I don’t really like the guy that much. I don’t know how much longer he may be with us…


GAAAAAAAAAAH. Thirteen is back. Whoopdeefuckingdoo. I think Jennifer Morrison leaving the show wasn’t really handled that well – they could have milked it a bit longer. As is, Cameron’s reasons for leaving the hospital (and the show) seem a little thin. I would have loved it if she had to grapple with Chase’s decision to kill the dictator, which didn’t affect her nearly so much as Chase being manipulated by House. Her final speech to House, admitting why she loved both him and Chase was touching, I’ll admit. I’ll really miss Cameron. She was a great character, a great moral center for the show. Sigh.


Not much to say, except, hee! I love Castle. His relationship with Alexis is so wonderful. I loved how worried he was that she was hiding something from him, and when it turns out she decides not to go overseas (at least for now), it’s sweet. Awwwww. That is all.


The plot thickens!!!! I *loved* the end, where Lisa (the cute blonde V) is Anna’s daughter! I am so looking forward to an Anna versus Erica showdown. I love how feisty Elizabeth Mitchell is, and I am definitely developing a soft spot for her and the priest. Now what exactly is “The Fifth Column” and who the hell is John May as their leader? I’m definitely getting LOST vibes from the show (hello, Jacob), but in a good way. I’m loving this.

Modern Family

How much do I love this show? It’s easily the funniest new show of the season, and it’s got so much potential. This week, the lovely, HILARIOUS Elizabeth Banks makes a cameo, as does Edward Freaking Norton! Talk about some solid actors! Elizabeth Banks as drunky McFun girl (who resents Lily for stealing her two gay best party buds) and Ed Norton as british bass player from the ’80s absolutely rock.


This episode was SO CRINGEWORTHY. Every other scene I would be ducking my head, embarrassed for each of the characters. Hilarious yes, but cringeworthy. Kurt and his plan to get Finn to quit girls entirely and sob into his shoulderpads – brilliant. Rachel’s inappropriate school girl crush on Will – awkwardly wonderful. SUSIE PEPPER! Effing awesome – she’s all Molly Shannon circa Superstar. With peppers. Also, mixed in with the cringeworthy hilarity, there’s a lot of heart too – Quinn being kicked out by her family was really sad stuff. I hate what she’s doing to both Puck and Finn (come on, Finn deserves to know the truth even though he’ll most likely still stay with her), but I feel sorry for her too. Looks like the cat’s out of the bag though – I’m pretty sure the baby daddy news will get back to Finn soon enough.


Another really solid episode! Loved Jeff sucking up to Senor Chang (aka El Tigre), especially LOVED the An American Tail drops throughout. Somewhere, out there…beneath the *pale* moonlight….

The Office

HAHAHAHAHA! The shareholder meeting didn’t go so well. I love the timely message, and how Oscar chickens out when it comes time to speak to the executive board. Also, Recyclops? WIN.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

The D.E.N.N.I.S. system. *facepalm* It seems like a lot of work just to get a good bang in, but whatever works I suppose! It’s such an evil, exploitative system….and it’s hilarious in how well the whole thing works. Also, Sweet Dee and her marine were pretty damn funny here too. Man, I love these assholes.

And that’s it from us! What about you? Any TV moments you care to share?

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  • Danielle
    November 21, 2009 at 10:17 am


  • Tiah
    November 21, 2009 at 3:11 pm

    Wait, the blonde chick is Anna’s daughter!?!?!? I totally missed that part.

  • Jellybean
    November 21, 2009 at 5:05 pm

    Ed Norton as the sixth member of Spandau Ballet was frickin’ hilarious! There’s a whole bunch of real-life tension between Julie Bowen and Sofia Vergara (or “Chola Barbie” as JB calls her, which is a little iffy on her part) but I’m seriously loving Modern Family. Manny is too cute. Another comedy I like (which I REALLY didn’t expect to) is Cougar Town. It makes me laugh every week, and it’s not at all tacky like I thought it would be.

    Also, I stopped watching V after two episodes. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad show, but watching it just felt like something I had to get through rather than something I looked forward to, so I figure maybe it’s not for me. I also stopped watching House halfway through Season 5, so I don’t have to endure Thirteen anymore, hurrah!

  • Margaret
    November 22, 2009 at 2:11 pm

    DEXTER…my money is on Deb’s ex boyfriend as the shooter.

  • lasandrou
    November 23, 2009 at 12:42 am

    I’d agree with Margaret on deb’ex except that the shooter is supposed to not to be tall, so I don’t know…
    About V, I wasn’t expecting the blondie girl to be Anna’s daughter! I wondering what they want to do with Tyler … I was so relieved that’s Dale was killed, and by the “fith colomn”!

  • Adrienne
    November 23, 2009 at 10:23 am

    I thought Supernatural this year has been pretty good-granted really sick of the whole end of the world but the episode of the Supernatural convention and all the Sam and Deans were friggen funny

    Any thoughts to Lost moving to Tuesdays??

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