Lost Recap:05×01 Because You Left and 05×02 The Lie

I am back!

You may not have noticed that I was away because I am very, very spry like a ninja and Thea did a kick-ass job in holding the fort – thank you dude, you rock! – but I was in Brazil for more than two weeks for my sister’s wedding.

Obviously the first thing I did was to catch up with Lost – which, you should know by now, is my favourite TV show – and OH DEAR LORD. Thank you Darlton! You restored my faith in this show. Right when I thought they had jumped the shark, they came back with two amazing episodes, with enough goodness to make any fanboy or fangirl, as the case may be, squee in orgasmic delight (ok, so it’s likely the fanboys did NOT squee in orgasmic delight but maybe they whooped with uncontrollable excitement?) .

Season 4 left off with the Oceanic 6 – Sun, Sayid, Hurley, Jack, Kate and Aaron – leaving the island along with Desmond and trying to carry on with their lives. As they are rescued they see the island disappearing before their very eyes, with Sawyer, Juliet, Locke and everybody else left behind on it. Three years in the future, Ben tells a mentally instable Jack that they need to go back to save the island, save the survivors and for that they need to take the Oceanic 6 with them AND the body of one Jeremy Bentham who is no other than Locke who somehow managed to get off the island and die!

Jump the shark much? My main concerns were – how would they be able to maintain interest in the show? How would this island-disappearing thing work? And with an amazing character such as Locke dead, leaving boring Jack and Kate alive? How would I cope? Another concern of mine was: would the flash-backs and flash-forwards continue? Do they still have stories to tell? Would the format hold?

Episode 01 – Because You Left


So season 5 opens. There is a clock. They are playing with the infamous numbers: 4, 8, 15 …


The first images are eerily reminiscent of the opening of season 2 – remember when we saw a man inside a confined space and it was Desmond inside the hatch? – this time, again we see a man, playing a record, in a confined space, but there is also a woman and a baby and then the image expands to the outside and now it is once more eerily reminiscent of the opening of season 3 – remember Othersville and Juliet playing book club hostess? – we still haven’t seen the face of the man but I am yawning and thinking “yeah, yeah whatever”, there is a surprise coming, we all know it, what is it, show us already!


Then we learn the man is Dr. Marvin Candle! Boo! The one from the Dharma Initiative videos and that he is filming one right now when he is called to investigate a disturbance behind an excavation. It is the wheel that Ben turned at the end of the season 4 and the Dr Candle starts to talk about time travel and “Don’t be absurd..there are rules, rules that cant be broken” blah blah, frankly, I am bored and disappointed, is this really the best they could come up wi…%$£^&*^^$!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA


Ha? How? Ha? What? I take it all back. It’s five minutes in and I am already pooping my pants. First email to Thea is sent: “DUDE this show is genius”


We cut to Jack and he is now working with Ben to bring the Oceanic 6 and Locke’s body back to the island and he is shaving.  I only mention that as I am severely depressed right now because I will so miss this:


Oh, such mocking potential…..lost forever. RIP Jack-Beard.


But this is 3 years in the future, back in the island, 3 years ago, as the island “reappears”…..


Locke is not where he was…..


nor is (shirtless – pause for drooling) Sawyer or Juliet or the other losties….and there is something else. Their camp? and everything that they had IS GONE.


…and Faraday, the mysterious Faraday seems to be the only one who knows what the hell is going on


At the other side of the island Locke is walking around and he sees a plane crashing. OMG AAAAAAA It is Yemi’s Plane (you know. Mr Eko’s brother?) and I am like Holy Shit – he is in the past? what does that mean? Second  Email to Thea: “OMG Dude, if Locke does something now, can they bring Boone back?” before I can recover I have another Fangirl-gasm because OMG


aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa It’s ETHAN! ETHAN!


and then…” whoooooooosh” Locke is gone again. By now it’s pretty clear he is the one shifting, not the island.


Meanwhile, in the future Sayid has rescued Hurley and they are together now and he is all like “Listen TO me Hurley, we are in Grave Peril” and then Sayid is all Chuck-Norrising and killing left and right, and the deaths are pinned to Hurley and I am like you two are cute and all, BUT I WANT TO SEE WHAT IS HAPPENING IN THE ISLAND AND whoooooosh


In the past again (now it’s clear, the flashbacks are of the people in the island, genius!, I say, genius!) , Sawyer has had enough of Faraday being mystery man and demands an explanation.


And Faraday says ” we are shifting through time” but he knows more than he says that’s for sure.


Then Eyeliner-Richard shows up exactly where Locke is (how.does.he.know) and they have an amazing convo (another fangirl-gasm) and then Eyeliner-Richard tells Locke that if he wants to save the island he has to leave it and HE HAS TO DIE.


Locke is like: WTF?!

I am like: SQUEEEEEEEEEEE. Because we know he does it right? and now it is a matter of him trying to figure out how because before Eyeliner-Richard can say more…..whooooosh


They shift again. and I am jumping up and down – this is so cool!


because they are by the hatch and they know Desmond is in there and Sawyer is knocking knocking at the door because he wants helps he wants to change the past…


But Faraday explain the past can NOT be changed….


and Sawyer with tears in his eyes (OMG, now it is a shipper’s SQUUUEEEEEEEEE AWWWWWWWWWWW Sawyer, come here, don’t cry my baby) says something like ” everyone I care about died” (remember he thinks Kate and Hurley died in the chopper)


Then Faraday notices that Charlotte is bleeding (not that I care)


(but he does) So he looks into his notes and he realises that there is a loop and there is a way and he knocks knocks at the hatch’s door until Desmond comes out!


AAAAAAAAAA Fan-girl gasm! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.


Then Faraday tells Desmomd that the rules don’t apply to him , that he needs to go to Oxford to look for Daniel Faraday’s mother…and his mother’s name is….




In the future, out of the island, our Desmond wakes up with a brand new memory, my heart is beating with the force of a thousand drums and then he tells Penny:


“We are going to Oxford”

and I collapse. And email Thea right away.

End of the episode.

Can I take a moment here to rejoice? Because Thea and I from the moment Desmond walked into our lives we have been theorising how IMPORTANT this man was for the future of the losties! Vindication Thea!!! – Highfive!!! On the flip side!

Episode 2 – The Lie

I take a deep breath and start watching the second episode almost immediately.


The O6 have just been rescued. They are talking about the lie they are going to tell. how they are the only survivors. This is to keep Mr Widmore from finding out about the others left behind.


Jack(ass) is the one to come up with this infallible plan


Hurley is not happy and he wants to tell the truth and asks for Sayid’s help


But Sayid agrees with Jack(ass)


Hurley says one day Sayid will need his help and he will say no…cut to the future and …


Hurley is helping Sayid. They are on the run. Sayid has been hit by a dart and is comatose. Hurley is desperate and is losing it. The police is chasing them and they are pulled over by no other than…


ARGH. ANA freaking LUCIA. I email Thea disgusted. The image of this person having sex with Sawyer is forever imprinted in my mind in a very bad way and I hoped never to see this woman again. Still, I have to admit she looks better than she ever looked in the show and she tells Hurley to pull his act together and that Libby says hi. Gotta love the writers of this show. Sometimes they do good.


Back in the island and in the past, Sawyer finds a shirt. FOR SHAME.


They still don’t know when they are…this episode is moving sloooowly


Ben tells Jack to sort his stuff out because when they return to the island, they are NEVER coming back. I am taken aback by this – it sounds very final and at the same time, how can it ever be different? I email Thea again to discuss.


Kate, who is on the run from someone who knows she is lying about being Aaron’s mother gets a phone call …


from Sun… and goes to see her…


Back in the past, someone attacks the losties and Sawyer who seems to be in charge is all “ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun”


A lot of people die, including the redshirt who spent the whole episode whining.


Meanwhile Kate and Sun have a heart to heart about that last day when Kate told Sun to go to the chopper that she would get Jin but she didn’t and then Jin died and then Sun says she forgives her….Kate buys this.


But I am not fooled. NOT I. ha-ha. Sun is concocting a plan and she seeks revenge. I can feel it in my nuggets.


What else is going on? Ah, Hurley is still taking care of Sayid but there is ONE man that can FIX him (because he can fix anything) and that is Jack(ass) and he asks his father to take Sayid to Jack(ass)


and he does and he tells the good doc to stay away from Hurley


Jack then calls Ben …


to tell him he has Sayid


And Hurley, in a heart-breaking moment breaks down and tells his mother the truth – no more lies. He tells her about the survivors, the island, the Others, everything. Such a beautiful moment. Poor Hurley.


Then Ben shows up. Tells Hurley that he and Jack are working together to get them back to the island. But Hurley wants nothing to do with Ben and


Gives himself up to the police…


Meanwhile back in the past – a psycho power-hungry …


nazi-Other captures Juliet and Sawyer and is about to chop her hand off




when super Locke shows up to save the day whooohoo!! Phew.


The last scenes are a fangirl’s paradise. A woman is  writing in a board. Is is clearly something physics-related. She seems to be in the crypt of a church. She goes upstairs. Ben is there.


He tells her that they lost Hurley. She tells him they have 72 hours to go back. The woman is no other than:



The woman that set Desmond on course and to the island when he could have changed things. AND HEREBY THEA AND I DECLARE OUR NEW THEORY – THIS IS FARADAY’S MOTHER.

I collapse again. Oh yes. Lost is back. With a vengeance.

All caps courtesy of Lost-Media.com

End of episode and of the recap

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  • katiebabs
    February 5, 2009 at 9:10 am

    I have the feeling that Faraday is not such the bad guy we seem to be seeing.
    And how long did it take you to post all those screen shots??
    Sawyer with no shirt is always a plus. And I adore Hurley so much. Team Hurley!

  • Ana
    February 5, 2009 at 9:30 am

    Katie – it took me way too long. LOL. But all caps I got from Lost-Media, they are great for things like that. Actually I should have mentioned it in the post proper, I will edit it when I get home. :mrgreen:

    As for Faraday…Oh, I don’t think he is a villain. Do we think he is a villain, Thea? He can not be a villain. He is so cute. 🙁

  • Thea
    February 5, 2009 at 9:31 am

    Just wait until you get home and watch last night’s epi, Ana dearie. Hehehehehehe.

    So far, I’m loving how plot-heavy this season is. Usually it would take us a full freaking season to get as many “answers” and action as we have received from the first 4 episodes alone! I’m stoked. :mrgreen:

    OH and we totally called both Desmond’s importance (my Desmond theory, it LIVES!!!!) and we are calling Mrs. Hawking too. We rule. 😈

  • katiebabs
    February 5, 2009 at 9:33 am

    Ana, you mean young Faraday right? *snicker*
    And I find Desmond not to be as annoying in the past.
    I missed last night’s eps but someone rising from the grave. MUWAHAHAAA

  • Thea
    February 5, 2009 at 9:59 am

    Katie–shhh, don’t spoil it for Ana! 😛 You two need to watch last night’s epi, stat. It’s a gooder.

    Ana–Dude, Farraday is a cute little skinny dude 😉 Trustworthy? No…but I certainly don’t think he’s a villain.

  • Zara
    February 5, 2009 at 10:52 am

    I love Faraday. I LOVE HIM. I think I have the beginnings of a crush, and thus I hate the redhead and hope her brain melts and drips out of her nose.

    The Ana Lucia thing was a total trip and I loved it, but I love any scene with Hurley in it, because he’s just awesome like that.

    Jack needs to die, and maybe take Kate with him. Aaron creeps me out a little, I think he has scary evil mojo. And I would have loved to see Juliet’s hand get chopped off. 😆 Just sayin’.

  • orannia
    February 5, 2009 at 3:02 pm

    I’m not a Lost follower but I wanted to say: 1) welcome back Ana; and 2) I hope your sister’s wedding went well 🙂

    Oh, and 3) Brazil? Am jealous 🙂

  • Tiah
    February 5, 2009 at 9:46 pm

    This was so funny. You should recap more shows! 😉

  • Bridget Locke
    February 6, 2009 at 10:26 pm

    I haven’t watched Lost since season 1. Season 2 bored the crap out of me. After five episodes that literally spanned a half hour? Yeah, thanks but no. Might have to reconsider thanks to your recaps though. 😀

  • Danielle
    February 7, 2009 at 8:59 pm

    Lol, YESS!! Sawyer can’t find a shirt…and I’m not complaining.

    Glad your back 🙂

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