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Young Adult Appreciation Month: Stash, News and Week 4 Schedule

Hello, welcome and good Sunday to all!

Week 3 of our Young Adult Appreciation Month is down – 2 more to go!

This week on The Book Smugglers

Monday – Kristi, the Story Siren, is interviewed by us on reading and blogging about YA novels…

….followed by Thea’s review of Dull Boy by Sarah Cross;

Tuesday – Thea reviews the controversial and much raved about novel Tender Morsels by Margo Lanagan…

… followed by Ana’s review of Going Too Far by Jennifer Echols

Wednesday – Thea reviews two books: The Devouring and Soulstice by Simon Holt, and we’ll also have a giveaway of The Devouring

…while Ana reviews The Poison Garden by Sarah Singleton

Thursday – Souls Screamers Special: Ana reviews My Soul to Take by Rachel Vincent followed by a guest post by the author.

Friday – Killer Unicorns attaaaaaack!! We review Diana Peterfreund’s highly anticipated debut Young Adult novel, Rampant and later in the day she talks about her Inspiration and Influences for this new series.

Saturday – Party Day! This is the date of our collaborative Young Adult Celebration!

We invite YOU to read or write a post about anything Young Adult. Anything counts: a review of a favorite oldie, a review of a new (or new to you) YA novel, a post reflecting on the genre, or even a piece on why you DON’T read YA – write a post, come back here on the 15th and we will link to it. So far, more than 35 bloggers have signed up. Go here to learn more on how to be a part of the party!

New Cover of Liar

If you have been around the Internets for any amount the time in the past few weeks, chances are you have heard about the controversy surrounding the cover of Liar, by Justine Larbalestier. Basically, the book is about a black girl and the original cover was this one:

Following the understandable outcry, the US publisher decided to manup and change the cover to this one:

Much better right? And equally beautiful and intriguing. You can read more about at the author’s website.

On our YA radar:

Seventeen-Year-Old Luce is a new student at Sword & Cross, an unwelcoming boarding/reform school in Savannah, Georgia. Luce’s boyfriend died under suspicious circumstances, and now she carries the guilt over his death with her as she navigates the unfriendly halls at Sword & Cross, where every student seems to have an unpleasant—even evil—history.

It’s only when she sees Daniel, a gorgeous fellow student, that Luce feels there’s a reason to be here—though she doesn’t know what it is. And Daniel’s frosty cold demeanor toward her? It’s really a protective device that he’s used again . . . and again. For Daniel is a fallen angel, doomed to fall in love with the same girl every 17 years . . . and watch her die. And Luce is a fellow immortal, cursed to be reincarnated again and again as a mortal girl who has no idea of who she really is.

Rayne can’t wait to start her summer job at a remote country mansion, far from the crowded, noisy London she so desperately wants to escape. But the retreat soon turns into a nightmare — the mansion is creepy, the legends of ghosts keep Rayne up at night, and she doesn’t feel safe anywhere.

Can Rayne figure out why she’s so freaked — before she becomes a ghost story herself?

Grace Divine, daughter of the local pastor, always knew something terrible happened the night Daniel Kalbi disappeared—the night she found her brother Jude collapsed on the porch, covered in blood. But she has no idea what a truly monstrous secret that night really held. And when Daniel returns three years later, Grace can no longer deny her attraction to him, despite promising Jude she’ll stay away.

As Grace gets closer to Daniel, her actions stir the ancient evil Daniel unleashed that horrific night. Grace must discover the truth behind Jude and Daniel’s dark secret . . . and the cure that can save the ones she loves. But she may have to lay down the ultimate sacrifice to do it—her soul.

Love can be a dangerous thing….

Hanna simply wants to be loved. With a head plagued by hallucinations, a medicine cabinet full of pills, and a closet stuffed with frilly, violet dresses, Hanna’s tired of being the outcast, the weird girl, the freak. So she runs away to Portero, Texas in search of a new home.

But Portero is a stranger town than Hanna expects. As she tries to make a place for herself, she discovers dark secrets that would terrify any normal soul. Good thing for Hanna, she’s far from normal. As this crazy girl meets an even crazier town, only two things are certain: Anything can happen and no one is safe.

It’s a fight to the death – on live TV – when a gladiator’s daughter steps into the arena

Lyn is a neo-gladiator’s daughter, through and through. Her mother has made a career out of marrying into the high-profile world of televised blood sport, and the rules of the Gladiator Sports Association are second nature to their family. Always lend ineffable confidence to the gladiator. Remind him constantly of his victories. And most importantly: Never leave the stadium when your father is dying. The rules help the family survive, but rules – and the GSA – can also turn against you. When a gifted young fighter kills Lyn’s seventh father, he also captures Lyn’s dowry bracelet, which means she must marry him… For fans of The Hunger Games and Fight Club, Lise Haines’ debut novel is a mesmerizing look at a world addicted to violence – a modern world that’s disturbingly easy to imagine.

They look sooooooooo good!

R.I.P. John Hughes

We were saddened to learn that iconic 80s movies writer and director John Hughes has passed away yesterday at age 59, of a heart attack. John Hughes was responsible for some of our favourite movies growing up:

Ana: Thea and I exchanged a few emails talking about how we loved his movies and I became so nostalgic, I couldn’t sleep, as I kept thinking about my favourite lines, or favourite stories. Or how they affected me: for example, I can still remember the day I watched Ferris Bueller’s Day Off for the first time. I must have been 12 (as the movie was already out on VCR when I first saw it) and I can see right in front of me, my TV. Above all, I remember how it felt watching that scene in the parade when Ferris takes over the microphone and sings Danke Schoen (to this day, the only German words I know – it means Thank you) and then Twist and Shout. It was like being struck by lightning – It was the first time I ever heard of The Beatles and I was all like OMG what is this song? Want. Need.

Thea: Ahh Ferris. Yes, an iconic film, and Matthew Broderick is just so adorable! And of course, the song – you know, the “de bow bow…chick chick-chicka!” (If anyone watches It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, this is funny).

The most hilarious Hughes moment for me has to be from Sixteen Candles. You know, the incredibly horrible racist take on a Chinese exchange student? Auuutomobiiiile?! (Also, “MARRIED?! YES married!” cracks me up like no other) But as for a favorite scene EVER? It’s close. Though Duckie’s Try A Little Tenderness gives it a run for its money, my favorite has to be the cathartic final scene from The Breakfast Club. You know, the paper being read, the Claire and Bender kiss, the final image of Bender’s arm up in victory while “Don’t You Forget About Me” is playing? I don’t think it gets any better than that. (And no clip because I can’t find one! Gaah!)

Ana: I will leave you with Ferris singing Twist and Shout.

And a question for you, dear reader: what is your favorite John Hughes’ movies memory?

~ Your Friendly Neighborhood Book Smugglers

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  • RKCharron
    August 9, 2009 at 4:32 am

    Hi 🙂
    What an upcoming week.
    So many great books!
    I’m looking forward to reading the upcoming posts.
    My fav. John Hughes movie moments are too many to pick just one, there’s the Twist & Shout scene, the holding the panties up to the crowd of awestruck boys, Ducky at the dance, the robbers getting Bugs Bunnied, the revealing stories in detention, etc etc.
    Best wishes to all,

  • Mandi
    August 9, 2009 at 5:01 am

    I’m looking forward to your thoughts on SoulStice!!

    Oh John Hughes..besides doing my favs like sixteen candles and the breakfast club, he did planes, trains and automobiles and national lampoon vacation…all classics. I can’t even pick a fav moment…

  • nik@Relationship Experts
    August 9, 2009 at 5:11 am

    Nice collection is there. What I say about this post. I must bookmark this page. 😀

  • Gerd Duerner
    August 9, 2009 at 6:03 am

    Danke Schoen (to this day, the only German words I know – it means Thank you)

    Made me smile. 🙂

    Yeah, John Hughes movies were such a huge influnece on me growing up that it felt like a real blow when I read of his death, he will be dearly missed.

    My fave moment, ah there are so many of them, like falling helplessly in love with Molly Ringwald in “Pretty in Pink” (but which warm blooded mammal didn’t?). *sigh*
    I guess the scene that will always get to me is when they meet again at the prom and Andrew McCarthy (I still don’t get what she sees in him, though) get’s to tell her:
    “You told me you couldn’t believe in somebody who didn’t believe in you. I believed in you, always believed in you. I just didn’t believe in me.”

    Not to mention practically every line Watts has in “Some Kind of Wonderful”, she’s cool. 8)

  • Carolyn Crane (CJ)
    August 9, 2009 at 6:30 am

    Wow, these YA offerings all look so beautiful! I wish this explosiion of riches had happened when I was a YA! Not that you can’t read them now, but you know what I mean!

  • Karen Mahoney
    August 9, 2009 at 6:40 am

    I posted about some of my fave John Hughes things on my LJ:

    And here’s a clip of my favourite EVER moment:

    Great post girls, great memories… *sigh*

  • Lusty Reader
    August 9, 2009 at 9:34 am

    yay, I can’t wait to hear about RAMPANT. that is on my wish list!

    and my fave john hughes is a toss up between breakfast club and planes, trains, and automobiles.

  • Li
    August 9, 2009 at 10:05 am

    I am completely intrigued by “Girl in the Arena”. Thanks for highlighting!

  • katiebabs
    August 9, 2009 at 2:24 pm

    I have watched Ferris Bueller more times than I can count. When you think of 80’s movies, the one that comes to mind is John Hughes.

  • Rhiannon Hart
    August 9, 2009 at 8:41 pm

    Well this week is just going to rock!

  • Jennifer
    August 9, 2009 at 10:02 pm

    My favorite John Hughes movie moment was the end of Some Kind of Wonderful. I felt like he had made everything right with that movie that was wrong with Pretty in Pink. My favorite Hughes characters are Duckie, Watts, and Cameron. I just started watching John Hughes movies again a few weeks ago and I bought a few on DVD and plan to buy more in the next few weeks. It’s been a lot of fun introducing the spouse to Hughes movies lately; I don’t know how he grew up in the 80’s and never saw these movies.

  • danielle
    August 9, 2009 at 10:46 pm

    Man, I’m gonna miss that guy…

  • Adrienne
    August 10, 2009 at 9:18 am

    Ya, more books to add to my list! Good call on Wings-it was very good. And Jake is the ultimate cute, pretty guy that met all the H.S. standards, cute, nice, groovy car, preppy 😆

  • orannia
    August 10, 2009 at 3:00 pm

    I wants Girl In The Arena! It sounds amazing, as does Fallen. Ohhhh, so many books.

    And I really need to watch The Breakfast Club again 🙂

  • danielle
    August 11, 2009 at 2:12 am

    Here’s my submission for the Young Adult Collaboration:

  • Sandy
    August 11, 2009 at 2:26 am

    Ooh, Fallen sounds intriguing.

  • Elie N
    August 14, 2009 at 5:46 am

    I want to read Fallen too!

    There were so many movies to pick from, but The Breakfast Club will always be one of my favorites.

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