Lost Recap: 05 x 15 – Follow the Leader

Recap of Lost, Season 5, Episode 15, Follow the Leader.

I start the episode wondering WHO the leader the title refers to: is it Jack, Locke, Sawyer? All of the above?

The episode starts right after the previous one ended – with Faraday’s death, but from Jack and Kate’s point of view. Just before Faraday’s death though, they discuss whether he is crazy or not. Kate says yes. Jack says no : “What if this is why we’re here? What if this is our one chance to put things back the way they’re supposed to be?” Jack is sounding more and more like one John Locke. Anyways, Faraday is a goner and they flee. Or try to because….

they are stopped by Widmore, who starts kicking Jack’s butt and I love it. Already I like this episode.

Kate watches is and she looks REALLY distressed. Oh, wait no she doesn’t. Did I ever mention the Kate!Faces!? No? well, they are almost as good as the jackfaces.

Then, back to Eloise who opens Faraday’s journal and read the inscription that Future!Eloise will  write.

Jack and Kate are taken to the camp

Is it very wrong that I find this Widmore utterly HOT? Anyways, he wants to know who these people are when it’s clear they are not really part of the Dharma Initiative

We cut to the future and Richard is informed that HE is here.

HE is John Locke bringing a gift. Richard says it has been three years, Locke says he will explain all later. Richard says he seems different. I totally agree. Locke says he found his purpose.

Meanwhile, Sun is surprised that Locke is their leader . I am surprised that she is given a line at all. Ben says that yes, he took over the role and that Richard is an advisor and has been one for a very long time. Then Sun shows that old photo to Richard and asks if he knows about their friends, stuck in the past. Richard says yes: because he saw them all die. Muwhahahahaha.

Sun worries about their people and Locke promises that if there is any way to help them he will do it. Then Locke, Ben and Richard go on a treck.

back  to the Other’s camp  in 1977. Jack  wants to  detonate the bomb and follow Faraday’s  plan and have their plane never to crash. Kate is all like, what about us? We just to  on living like we never met?

(Jackface!) Jack is all like, yep dude, it was all horrible anyway. Kate is all like, not all of it was misery.

Jack says enough of it was. (Is he thinking of that day when he saw Kate and Sawyer having hot cage sex? or is he thinking about all  the people that died? Because you know, his priorities are shady like that)

Then Ellie comes to talk to them and asks about Faraday and why he needed the bomb. Then she tells them how when she was Rambina that same man told her to bury it.

She then shows the journal to Jack and asks him why is there her handwriting there if she doesn’t remember writing it?

(Jackface) Jack tells her she hasn’t written it yet. Then he says that if they do what is written there, they can make it all go away. I wonder who made Jack the physicist here – I ask myself over and over again, did  these people never watch Sci-fi shows? THEY WILL  MAKE THINGS WORSE. GODDAMN IT.

Ellie agrees to take them to the bomb, which seems to be buried…under Dharmaville…

Speaking of which, the Dharmites are interrogating Sawyer….

Who is full of the attitude I missed. They want to know where Kate and Jack are now.

Since Sawyer is not answering,they decide to use the Sayid Method.

Horace is not too happy about it, but Crazy Radzinsky(die , Radzinsky, DIE) seems to be the person in charge and punches

My poor Sawyer again. He still  looks good though.

Juliet is totally desperate, and distressed. See Kate? This is how you react to the sight of the man you love being tortured.

They keep doing it, but Sawyer is not saying anything. I am in pain.



Then Phil (die, Phil, DIE) is all like,  I can make him talk and

slaps Juliet.

Sawyer has death in his eyes. I am so surprised at how much I am invested in these two now. Someone then finds the sub’s manifest and realise Jack, Kate and Hurley were added to it.

We cut to Hurley preparing to escape.

He joins Miles and Jin but he is followed

by Dr Chang, who wants to know the truth. If they are from the future. Hurley is all like, dude, of course not. Dr Chang is all like, when were you born? and if he fought in the Koren War. Hurley is all like…”there is no…such a thing” and then Hurley is all like ok,

We ARE from the future.

Miles says: daddy! Then he tells him that he should evacuate the island.

Widmore asks himself why Faraday looks so familiar….

Then Ellie has a moment with her son

And Jack and Kate are released whilst she tells Widmore they are going on a mission

Back to  the future, Richard wants to know where Locke has been. Locke is surprised that he doesn’t know. He says they need to do something now and then he wants Richard to take him to Jacob.

Richard doesn’t seem too happy about it but Locke says I am the leader, yo. You do as you are told. and I all like, shit, this Locke IS different. Then, Locke tells Richard that in one moment, a man will  come out of the jungle with a gun wound and that Richard needs to remove the bullet and tell the man he needs to die.

Then we see THAT scene again, where Richard tells Locke he needs to die when he was shifting in time. Holy crapoles dude, Richard told that to Locke because Locke told Richard to. That is a freaking LOOP.

Ben is all like, dude that must be so weird. How did you know  you had to  be here now?

Locke is all like the island told me. Ben is all like, why doesn’t it tell you where Jacob is then? HA! Good question, Benny boy.

Back in 1977,Chang is telling Horace they need to leave. Radzinski is not convinced.

Sawyer (oh my poor baby) tells them they need to get the children and women to  leave at least. It is not safe. And then, and THEN he says, get this right? “If you put me and Juliet on the sub with ’em, we’ll tell you anything you want to know.” and I am all like, Sawyer ARE YOU MENTAL?

Then like a gentleman he says to  Juliet: “Are you okay with that, sweetheart.”

Oh, she totally is

But I am all like, noooooooooooo this is WRONG.

Then Ellie and the others get to a lake and say they have to swin under it to get to the bomb. Kate is all like, you dudes are crazy. I am out of here. She leaves but right then someone shoots a gun

and I am like OMG they shot Kate whoohoooooooooooooo happy days!

But I celebrate too soon because it was actually Sayid who shot someone and I am like woohoooooooooo Sayid! Happy days!

Then they fill Sayid in with Jack’s plan. Sayid is all like, dudes I already changed things. Hello, I killed Ben!

Kate is all like, yeah….about that. No, you didn’t. I sort of saved him. She then says “Since when did shooting kids and blowing up hydrogen bombs become okay.”

wow. I have to agree with Kate on this  one .  I feel dizzy. Anyways Kate says if he is wrong everybody dies.

The jackass actually says he is not wrong. Oh please, spare me Saint Jack’s illusions of grandeur!!! He says “THIS IS OUR DESTINY”. I freaking hate this line. Only Locke is allowed to  use it, damn it!

Kate has had enough of this lunacy and walks away to go get Sawyer’s help.

Then,  back at the sub,  people are leaving. Miles observes as…

his father makes his mother l eave with baby Miles.

and then he sees Juliet and Sawyer . Hurley is all like, Sawyer always has a plan, it’s  ok. Yes, I am thinking the same thing, surely they are not really leaving.

The Pretty jokes to Juliet that they can buy Microsoft shares and then apologies for not letting her leave three years ago

She says I am not sorry. This is a cool moment between them (another one) and I am like , oh great he is saying goodbye to her, he plans on

getting her to go in  the sub and then he will go after his friends right? Because he can’t just leave them behind. He is a leader now. What about Kate? Or Hurley?Jin? Miles?

But to my surprise and quite frankly disgust, Sawyer is back to Every Man for Himself and he says:

Good Riddance and climbs down into the sub.

I am left here, completely incredulous. Because according to the character arc we saw this season, this DOES NOT MAKE ANY SENSE.

Back to the losers… I mean, team Jacktard, they are swimming under water.

Underwater Jackface!

Then they emerge inside the temple

Wet,  delicious Sayid joins them and Jack is surprised and Sayid is all  like, it this works, cool,and if it doesn’t that’s cool too. Let’s get to work then!

Back to the camp,in the future.

Locke invites everyone to go see Jacob. Since they all follow the man’s orders anyways, they should see him.

“Hello, everyone. My name is John Locke. I’ve been told that for some time, you all have been accepting orders from a man named Jacob. And yet, oddly enough, it seems that no one has actually seen him. Now, I’m sure there are very good reasons why his existence and whereabouts are secret. I just don’t know what they are. And to be honest with all of you, if there’s a man telling us what to do, I want to know who he is.”

Then Sun is all like, can he help us find Jin?

He says: absolutely.

and I am 100% SURE he is fucking lying. Excuse my language but I am suddenly not so  sure about this new John Locke.

Neither are Richard and Ben who now agree they have a Locke Problem. Ben is all like, why do you think I tried to  kill him?

Back in the sub Juliet and Sawyer talk about going back to  real life.

She says she luuuurves him (who wouldn’t?)

He says he luuuuuuuuuurves her.

It’s all very cute really and just then someone says they have a last minute guest

Guess who it is?

Sawyer is all like, man, I can’t believe it.

Because it’s freaking Kate. Who is like, awkward.

Juliet is all like, are you freaking kidding me?

and I am  like, can you people let the triangle die already?

The sub leaves. In a piss-poor GCI manner.

Back to the temple Sayid asks if they can trust Ellie. Jack says sure, she is the one who tell us 30 years from now, to come back to the island.

Sayid is all like….and that makes her trustworthy …how exactly.

Back to the future, the Others are going to see Jacob.

Ben asks Locke what is his plan. That he and Richard have reservations about all this. He says, that if Locke wants Jacob’s help to find his people…

Locke interrupts Ben and says he doesn’t care about reuniting with his people (GASP, he DID lie to Sun!). The Ben asks, why are they going to  Jacob.

And Locke is all like,  so I can kill him.

Ben is all like, HOLY SHIT WTF.

Exactly my thoughts Benny Boy.


So there you have it. I don’t like Sawyer, Jack or Locke and how they behave these days. I don’t like it at all.

Next week:  Join us next Saturday as Thea and I recap the finale and talk about theories and what the hell can we expect from next season.

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  • KristieJ
    May 16, 2009 at 8:08 pm

    ROTFL – Underwater Jack Face.
    This one got me too when Sawyer and Juliette just got in the sub. I thought there was no way Sawyer would leave the others behind – ‘specially Hurley.

  • Ana
    May 17, 2009 at 12:37 am

    Kristie, I thought it was set-back for his character and did not make any sense after the development we saw this season. Just…I don’t know, I don’t think the writers are writing these characters so well.

  • KristieJ
    May 17, 2009 at 4:02 am

    I know he was really ticked at them for coming back and ruining what he and Juliet had, but even from the beginning, when he seemed to be only about himself, I still don’t think Sawyer would have left them behind. That was such an out of character move.

  • Kristen
    May 17, 2009 at 8:42 am

    I thought for sure Sawyer was going to get Juliet on to the sub and then go back to save the others, too, especially when he told her to get on first. Then he’d get her to safety and run back and get everyone else. I just knew that was going to happen and I was shocked when it didn’t.

    Sayid being back was great – I love Sayid!

    The end of that one was definitely a WTF moment. It didn’t seem very much like Locke, but I was hoping there was some sort of explanation we hadn’t heard yet when he said he was going to kill Jacob.

    I couldn’t agree more about just letting the love triangle die already. Like you, I’m surprised at how invested I’ve become in the Sawyer/Juliet relationship and now think Jack can just have Kate for all I care. At first, I wasn’t so sure I liked the idea of Sawyer and Kate not ending up together, but I hadn’t really liked Kate for a while and I’ve gotten to really like Juliet. It’s Kate’s own fault for not being able to choose the obvious – sure, Sawyer could be a jerk before but just looking at him could make you forget that. Plus he has that stellar quality of not being the most annoying man on the entire island.

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