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On the Boob Tube – Week of Nov 7 to Nov 13

This Saturday, and every Saturday for the duration of the TV season, we bring you On The Boob Tube with The Book Smugglers:

in which we talk about all those water cooler moments of the past week’s episodes, raving about the good, ranting about the bad.

For the Week of November 7 to November 13

Ana’s Favourites

Mad Men

This season final was very good and wrapped up the season beautifully. Starting with what I expected would happen: that Don WOULD leave Sterling Cooper to start a new agency. What I did not see coming was Sterling and Cooper themselves joining him. It was great fun though to see their antics, their attempts to co-opt other people and to steal stationary stuff from the office! And I loved that they brought Peggy, Peter and Joan along too!

Now, on the Private Life of Din and Betty Draper: OMG can that woman be any more stupid??? I was ultra happy that she decided to go be happy with the dude and ask Don for divorce BUY BETTY HOW DO YOU LEAVE A HUSBAND ANT TAKE YOUR KIDS INTO A NEW MARRIAGE AND DOESN’T EVEN ASK FOR MONEY FOR YOUR OWN SECURITY? Because WOMAN! What if things don’t work out with the new guy? You barely know him! What will you do, moneyless? Will you go back to Don and ask for help? And you know what? I am pretty sure the guy will turn out to be a bully!

Now, we wait and see.


What is up with Trinity??? He freaked me out this episode. The whole scene at the woods, was just….I don’t know. Does he suspect Dexter or is he going into another cycle….but so soon? Is he “broken”??? why? So many questions!

And Dexter! OMG he killed an innocent man, thus breaking his code. What will happen next? Will he realise that he is a true sociopath and perhaps not feel anything about it? Or is this “external” code stronger than his internal wiring? How will he deal with that – I think that this killing will mean a lot to the show, perhaps we are witnessing the beginning of the end : it is easier to forget and forgive him when he is killing other serial killers. But an innocent man? Not so much.

And poor Batista and Laguerta!!!


How do I adore this show? Not only the weekly mysteries are interesting/keep me guessing, I SO adore Castle. And Castle and his mom. And Castle and his cute daughter . oh and Castle and Beckett – oh the chemistry. It slays me. I am loving it!


Yay, House is back after a break! Once again, the relationship between House and Wilson proves to be the best one on this show – loved their interaction but there is no surprise here. THERE IS a surprise in finding out that Cuddy is all. …cuddly with the PI dude! wtf????????? And the ending when Chase tells Cameron about the dude he killed? I am worried. Can’t wait to see her reaction.


Didn’t think this one lived up to the pilot but thought it was pretty cool. From the opening sequence I just KNEW that the V!FBI dude would so come back. And I love the telltale sign of a V – the blinking eyes. I am pretty sure this will come into play bit time. I am not sure I like Erica’s son though – he is annoying me. A LOT. But I am still surprised that Scott Wolf doesn’t.

And who is already shipping Erica and the priest? *raises hand* (and yes. I know it’s wrong)


This episode was amazing. I cried I laughed, I CARED. Starting with the Artie storyline and the whole thing with the wheels. His solo of Dancing With Myself (my favourite Billy Idol song!) was awesome. Then Quinn being a complete bitch with poor Finn and Puck – so unfair – why does she think she can get away with it? Then, there is Sue and the most surprising info about her life and finally, Kurt and his dad. I LOVE his father, he is awesome. Their scenes were incredible. Loved this episode.

The Office

There is a reason why The Office is one of the best sitcoms ever and this episode was a brilliant example: the complete crazyness that this office is coupled with Michael being LAME yet LOVEABLE. I mean, how wrong is it in the face of possible ruin, he decides the answer is to play Murder? And yet, it turned out to be the right thing to do! Them everybody getting to play southern accents? Oscar’s was so funny! and OMG Creed thinking that it was for reals and then leaving the office and then finally, the stand -off of “double agents” Michael, Dwight, Andy and…..Pam! LOLOLOL. I was in stitches.

Thea’s Favorites


Another crazy week on Dexter – I’m with Ana. I think Trinity is on Dexter’s game. Clearly, his ritual isn’t quite done yet, I think there’s one final murder that Lundy never was wise to…hence the crazy coffin. (On a funny note, last week in the comments Kristen said that Trinity’s a nice guy as long as you leave his ashes alone – and this week we can add “and as long as you don’t interrupt him while he’s sanding down his COFFIN” to the list)

And holy smokes, Dexter killed an innocent man. This is HUGE. This could be bad. That’s a line that Dexter cannot EVER afford to cross…I wonder how this will play out. Nail biting will ensue.


Yay, it’s back! Except…things are looking increasingly grim for the gang. Someone leaked that Jennifer Morrison will be leaving the show this season (I saw it on the TV Guide cover while waiting in line at the supermarket)…so, methinks Chase’s news is NOT going to go over well. (GODDAMMIT this means fucking Thirteen is back dammitDammitDAMMIT). Also, how adorable are House and Cuddy?


What Ana said – Castle is so much fun. This week’s episode was more of the same awesomeness – I love Castle’s quippy asides. And how does Beckett NOT know about the movie Quicksilver with Kevin Bacon and Paul Rodriguez?


Hell fucking yes, show 2 was pretty solid. V has promise, and I’m jumping on this train. Alan Tudyk is ALIVE! Aaaaa! I agree that Tyler is annoying, but I can understand why he’s such a lying jerk to his mom (I mean, he is a rebellious teenager). Once again, Elizabeth Mitchell is made of awesome, and holy crap Tori from BSG was in this episode! I automatically assume she’s a V too – Cylon, V, she’s never EVER to be trusted.


Yay, Glee’s back too! And this was a surprisingly touching episode – not only because of Wheels and how his teammates finally understand what he’s going through, but because of Sue’s hidden past, and because of Tina’s stutter story. AND ohmygod, Kurt and Rachel’s duet of Defying Gravity was….goosebump inducing.

AND while we’re on Glee – did you know that the kid that plays Wheels actually was in a bonafide boy band before the show? I looked him up and couldn’t stop laughing. Just watch the video HERE. He’s the first one singing. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


Another solid episode! I loved Abed’s future prediction powers – is a werewolf REALLY coming to campus? Oh god I hope so.

The Office

“Well I do decla-ah!” Bwahahahaha! Another solid episode, and I want this murder mystery game. It looks fun. And holy crapoly, Erin and Andy! *facepalm* They are adorable. And oh my god, Oscar’s accent was the WORST I have ever heard. EVER. Amazing.

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

Mac and Dennis really are a codependent couple, and their breakup was pretty funny stuff. But one of my favorite pairings is when Dee and Charlie hook up, and the cat-in-the-walls thing was again, hilarious.

AND that’s it from us this week! What have you been watching?

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  • Molly
    November 15, 2009 at 8:58 am

    As soon as I saw Tori on V I was like “Cylon! I mean Visitor! Whatever!” She must put out Secretly Evil vibes because she was the only Cylon on BSG that I guessed correctly. And I am totally shipping Erica and the priest.:)

  • katiebabs
    November 15, 2009 at 10:41 am

    Major withdrawl from no Mad Men. Don is such an ass. Calling his wife a whore when he is the king of them. Good for Betty!

  • Carolyn Crane (CJ)
    November 15, 2009 at 11:27 am

    OMG, you don’t know how tempted I was to read a lot of these! We’re a year behind on TV because we’re netflixers, but I love dexter and Sunny in philly and Madmen. It’s hard to live spoiler free! Though I might watch that sunny clip.

  • Thea
    November 15, 2009 at 11:42 am

    Molly – LOL! Tori just has this eeeeevil alien/robot vibe, doesn’t she? I never liked her on BSG. Taking poor Billy’s place as if she belonged. Sleeping with Sam. Killing Cally. *shifty* I’m sure she’ll do some nasty stuff on V too, if she’s a recurring role. (And she’s SO a Visitor 👿 )

    KB – Manwhore! I need to start watching Mad Men.

    CJ – Oooh, look away from the Dexter parts, major spoilers! But, go ahead and watch the sunny clip 🙂 Those are safe :mrgreen:

  • Jen
    November 16, 2009 at 2:01 am

    Shame on you Thea!!!Just one BSG alumnus on V?ONE???I am so disappointed lol..I am officialy removing your mini me title!

  • Aidan - knight rider rocks
    January 2, 2010 at 1:16 am

    Aidan – knight rider rocks…

    I’ve only seen a couple of minutes of the show, but i did read that Debra is in a relationship with Frank in season 2. Are they still together in season 3 as I heard that Keith Carradine is going to be in season 4……

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