Lost Recap: 05×04 The Little Prince

Ready for another Lost Episode recap? This week I will be having a look at episode 4 of season 5 which aired on Feb 4th.

Lost Season 5 – Episode 4: The Little Prince


The episode opens and Kate is still visiting Sun at the hotel.  Kate leaves to meet with the lawyer that wants to take Aaron and Sun receives an envelope with…


a photo of Ben and Jack and a gun. Hooray. Here’s hoping she will kill Jack. (Yeah, right)


Back in the island, Juliet is tending to bloody (literally) Charlotte


while an anxious-looking Sawyer, who is now the obvious leader and protector of women and innocents (awwww), talks to Locke.


Juliet has a chat with Faraday and asks if he knows what is going on with Charlotte and he says he does and it is something to do with her brain not following the time-shifting (or something like that)  and he says: “we should be happy it’s not happening to all of us” . You hear that? That is the sound of DOOM approaching.


Meanwhile Kate is meeting with the Lawyer


who tells her she has no choice , she will lose Aaron, after all he is NOT her son. But he refuses to tell her who his client is.


Kate-the-poor-Victim, asks “why are you doing this to me”. COME ON, woman. You are NOT a victim. You ARE a criminal. a KILLER. You are NOT Aaron’s mother . Gaah, this infuriates me to no end. What happened to that kick-ass woman from season 1? I miss her.


But yeah, back to the people that matter. So, Locke and Sawyer (I can never call him James, does anyone else have this problem?)  are having a convo and Locke is all, we need to go to the Orchid station, I know what I have to do. I “just” need to bring our friends back , you know, Jack(ass), Sun, Hurley, …Kate.




Then Locke is all,  conniving and manipulative (gosh, I love him) and says: don’t you want to see her again?  and we all know he is talking about Kate..


and we can see that there is nothing Sawyer would want more.


Then Charlotte wakes up and I am all like, ew her eyes are so weird. but whatever. she is fine. for now. muwhahaha.


The outside – Super Doc Jack who has revived Sayid (of course)


Tells him they have to go back to the island…


and then is told off by the hospital because Jack is a pill-popping alcoholic that should have not been there (you tell him woman!!)


When Hurley calls from the jail and says: hey Jack I did what Sayid told me and am far away from Ben , go me! before Jack can tell him that Ben is on their side *yeah hum-hum* , he hangs up.


Then a nurse shows up at Sayid’s room butd Sayid is NO fool dude…and is all Kaboom-Kashim-Yataaaaaaaaaaa


with his Ninja moves and disarms the assassin sent by WHO KNOWS, but the guy has an address in his pocket and it’s Kate’s


and Jack calls her


And she is like, “What biatch? I am busy, I can’t do this now” But yes, she will see him. Whatever.


Back to the people that REALLY matter again, they are walking towards the Orchid station without knowing when they are and they see a light in the sky. Because I am a Lost-nerd I know exactly when this is: it is the night that Boone died when Locke was desperate and lost and at the hatch and Desmond was inside and he turns the light on …but I digress.


Because something else happened that night. they hear a scream and Sawyer goes to investigate


and he sees…. Kate and Claire and Claire is giving birth to Aaron and OH DEAR LORD, THE MUSIC GOES INTO A CRESCENDO AND IT IS KATE AND SAWYER’S MUSIC AND …


WILL YOU LOOK AT HIM? Be still my heart.


The man can’t control himself. This scene is so touching. He loves her so very much. This woman does not deserve him.


……the scene goes on…..


he is torn – it is clear he wants to go to her, but he can’t. Josh Holloway can act his ass off dude, his eyes speak volumes, it is awesome. I am crying at this point.


then…swwwoooosh – time shifts.


He is desperate cause she disappeared. Look at his eyes.


Then Locke shows up and you can see he is close to tears. aww man. This ship kills me.

I need a moment. Needless to say, I watch this scene another 5 times.


Then, right after that incredible heart-wrenching scene, we have this vomit-inducing one between Jack and Kate. In which she is all smiling …”oooo Jack, you shaved” Kill.me.now. no, scrap that, Kill Kate, take ME to the island instead.


Then Kate asks what he wants but god forbid Jack from being forthcoming about ANYTHING so of course he does NOT tell her that her life is in danger and she tells him instead that she is following the lawyer that wants to take Aaron and invites Jack to come along.


Back in the island: Miles has a nose bleed. *shrugs*


and they arrive back at the beach and find their camp. Empty. all the food gone….the zodiac gone… weird.


But they see two boats….and they decide to use one to go to the Orchid


so they are paddling…when someone starts shooting at them from the other boat


Juliet shoots back and Sawyer is all like, this is a good time for a time shift


and then….swooosh


and he is like “thank you”


but they shift right bang into a storm and Sawyer is like “I take it back” and I am like woohoo!! 1) a Sawyer joke in time of peril and 2)  man, this is FUN FUN FUN – I don’t care that the specifics don’t make much sense, the writers are striking gold here people.


Then Locke is all – to the beach!


Back to the incredible duo and their attempt of being detectives: they followed the lawyer to a motel and they see his client is …..


Claire’s mom!


Inside the car: a typical Kate-Jack interaction with tears and the use of word “fix” as in : I can fix this, Kate.


Kate-the-Victim: Ok.


The Jack goes to Claire’s mom and finds out that she is only there to sue Oceanic Airlines and she has nothing to do with the Lawyer wanting Aaron – it is a mere coincidence a la Lost that it is the same lawyer – or is it?


Then Jack is all like, let’s go Kate, we need get out of here, let’s go to the marina.


Meanwhile Ben and Sayid are also going to said Marina but before they have a stop to make and Ben meets….


his lawyer!!! A-HA! He is in charge of getting Hurley our of prison.


Then, back in the island, Juliet and Sawyer who are like BFF now start to talk about Sawyer seeing Kate and he is so sweet and he says…


she ” was close enough I could touch her” and Juliet asks “why didn’t you” and he says “there is no changing the past” and then he looks at her and he points to her nose and


IT IS BLEEDING. AND I GO INTO RED ALERT. Danger, will Robinson, danger Will Robinson! not Juliet, please.


Then the losties are walking around and they see the remains of a shipwreck and it is clear it is from a French ship and I JUST KNOW WHAT IS COMING. AND I AM ALL HYPER


Meanwhile , in this boat, French survivors of said shipwreck talk


when they see someone in the sea and they get him out and …


IT IS JIN!!! JIN SUSHI!!!!! (Sorry Thea, had to steal it from Le Boyfriend, too good not to *wink*)  HE IS ALIVE – EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. OH YAY! I luurves Jin.


Back at the marine, Kate and Jack arrive to meet with Ben! I guess it is the first time Kate sees Ben since they left the island three years before


Look at his face – the genius of crime. Kate is horrified.


Jack says “he is with me”


Kate is like: wtf?! ha? because Jack has still not told her that they need to go back to the island, the why, the how, nothing. gaah, how frustrating.


Then she is like, hey, I know what is going on. Ben is the one who is trying to take “my son” Aaron from me. Jack the moron, tries to defend Ben. But of course, Kate is right, and Ben says so and he says what we all wanted to say: he is NOT your son Kate, get a clue. (ok, so that last part was all me, but still).


Sun who is also there, gets the gun and goes towards then. Oh, the hope she will kill Jack – it keeps me going.


Back in the island, Jin Sushi wakes up.


Looks at the French people and the chick is pregnant – you know who this is right? I know too and still….


..it gives me the heebie jeebies…goosebumps, whilst he is drinking the water she gives him and the anticipation builds and….and…


she asks him his name…and… he says Jin and she says…


I am Danielle. Danielle Rousseau.




End of episode.

All in all an excellent episode I would say. Not much in the way of fan-girl answer goodness but much in the way of time-shifting tension and suspense , Jin coming back alive and the heart-wrenching Sawyer scene.

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  • Zara Winters
    February 21, 2009 at 11:52 am

    This season is shaping up to be so good, I almost can’t believe it. I didn’t realise till now how much I was watching it out of obligation than actual enjoyment. The last episode made me feel a little sick, though (I’m assuming you haven’t seen it yet, so I’ll avoid any major spoilers). I mean, it was epic and awesome, but there was some Kate/Jack stuff that got me a little green ’round the gills. I hate their relationship, every time something happens between them I actually feel victimised a little, like something horrible is being forced on me. And Emo Mama Kate is so wrong. Bleurgh. Kill her off and bring back rambo chick.

  • KristieJ
    February 21, 2009 at 4:04 pm

    Most Excellent wrap-up. I missed this past week’s episode ’cause I was at my So You Think You Can Dance night lusting in a cougarish way over Nico but there is a girl at work who sits right next to me and is also a Lost fan so she filled me in. Sounds like it was a very confusing episode! I think that’s the first one I’ve missed since I started watching the show about 4 episodes into Season 1.

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