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Chat With an Author

The Rithmatist: A Chat with Brandon Sanderson

Today we are thrilled to host Brandon Sanderson for an interview about his latest novel, The Rithmatist. Brandon is an established author of adult-aimed fantasy, among his works the awesome Mistborn series, Warbreaker, The Stormlight Archive series, and, of…

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Smugglers Stash Smugglivus

Smugglivus – Week 3 Calendar

It’s Adios! to week 2 of Smugglivus and Hola! to week 3. But before we tell you the line-up for another MUY LOCA week, we need to announce last week’s giveaways winners! Simon and Schuster UK giveaway (swag with…

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Smugglers Stash

Smugglers’ Stash & News

Happy Sunday, folks! Hope you all had a lovely weekend and are enjoying the fall weather. Now let’s get down to business, shall we? Giveaway Winners: We’ve got three separate giveaway winners to announce! First up is Elegy Beach…

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