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Kickstarter Update and a Guest Post by Octavia Cade

Hello folks! A tiny update on our Kickstarter – we surpassed the 25% mark and it’s only day three! Hooray! Thank you so much for your support!


In the meantime, we have posted over at the Kickstarter page a few words from one of our lovely writers/contributors, the award-winning author Octavia Cade!


This feels a little like writing a reference. Not that I’ve ever written one of those, but rest assured I’d find a way to get out of it if some daft muppet expected me to help them out to the detriment of someone actually competent. I mean, I’m nice but I’m not that nice, and you don’t have money to blow on every Kickstarter come your way.

But Ana and Thea are competent. I’ve not seen a single shred of muppetry, and they’ve been publishing my stuff for a few years now. We initially crossed paths on their first short story season, when I dithered and second-guessed before sending in “The Mussel Eater”, which ended up being nominated for a BSFA award. I’d like to say it was my dulcet prose that did it, but they sourced a dream of an artist and anyone looking at that story’s cover – at any of their covers, actually – was tempted to pick it up regardless of what was inside.

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