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Over at Kirkus: STAR WARS Dark Disciple by Christie Golden

It’s Friday Monday, which means we are over at Kirkus for our regular weekly column!

Today, Thea continues with the Star Wars readathon and reviews Dark Disciple by Christie Golden–a book that follows one of Thea’s favorite characters from the Star Wars Expanded Universe, period.

Dark Disciple

Asajj Ventress is a fascinating female character who went through a series of huge transformations in The Clone Wars–from a child to a slave, a Jedi Padawan to a Sith Apprentice, a Nightsister to a Bounty Hunter–and in Dark Disciple, she is given a full-length novel. And it’s fantastic, for 95% of the book… but ends in a catastrophically horrendous way. Go forth here to get the full review (at your own peril).

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