Lost Recap: 05×07 The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham

Leaving Jack’s episode behind us (Thank GOD) , we move on to a Locke- episode. Yieppeeee.

Season 5- Episode 7: The Life and Death Of Jeremy Bentham

We start with a “I Told you so” – this is the dude from the check – in line from the other episode, remember?

Cesar seems to be his name and his at a Dharma Station? What? so, he is in the island as well? So everyone in the plane landed? not only the O6ers? hummmm

He picks up a Life Magazine and it looks like it is an old issue…he also finds a gun.

Then the Marshall chick that had Sayid (the biatch – hummm wait. Is that Sayid’s Potential Love Interest Numero Tres?) arrested shows up and asks if he found anything. He lies about the gun. Humpft. Then she tells him that one of the other passagens found a guy just standing in the water. Wearing a suit. He didn’t seem to be on the place. Do you hear that? That is my heart-beat going HOLY CRAP, is that LOCKE?

Then they go back to the beach and Jaysus , the plane HAS crashed just like the original Oceanic Flight 815!

There is a guy sitting in the sand…..can you hear that? That is the sound of my fangirl Squeeness preparing to go:


HE IS ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (not that we didn’t already know. still the scene is awesome )

It’s the next morning and Locke is staring at the Ocean

The Marshall chick offers him a mango and asks him if he remembers anything. He asks her if she knows who the boats that are on the beach belong to. She says she doesn’t know but that the pilot (Lapidus!) and another woman (Sun???) took off with one of them last night. Locke asks for a passenger list.

and eats the mango and says it’s the bestest mango ever. I guess dying and resurrecting makes one less particular but I wouldn’t know for sure.

Then he says he remembers dying. Yep, Locke is alive and kicking indeed.

So, it’s flashback time and we go back to the moment where he leaves the island.

He wakes up in the desert (same location that Ben woke up as well when the turned the Wheel of Time?)

Yep, it’s Tunisia, Locke is in bad shape. He vomits. His leg is broken. He notices a surveillance camera then he screams for help.

Nightime, some dudes come and get him and take him to a hospital.

A shady figure observes while a doctor tries to calm down a desperate Locke

who is having his bone set. Oh, the pain! the pain! Poor Lockie-poo.

When he comes to, he finds out he is not alone.

And it’s Charles Widmore: this, I did NOT see coming. Locke is all like: Do I know you? And I am all like, duh, he has never SEEN old Widmore. Only heard of him and then he met YOUNG Widmore. Is this show complicated or what? Then Widmore tells him that to him it has been years since the two met whereas to Locke it has been four days. That Widmore used to be The Other’s LEADER and that Ben tricked him into leaving the Island just like he tricked Locke. Locke tries to explain that Ben had nothing to do with him leaving the island (which he didn’t).  Widmore tries to find out more, why then did Locke leave?

Will he try to take the O6ers back? Then he says to Locke that it has been 3 years – which means that Locke jumped 3 years into the future.

The next morning, Locke is sitting outside and he has a new passport with a new identity:

Jeremy Bentham – Canadian.

Locke and Widmore have a one to one. Widmore gives him the location of all the losties. Then he says he has an interest in the future of the island. He wants to help. He is not the enemy. It is driving me mental, because holy shit, I feel like believing him. But then Locke, reminds us that he sent a team with C4 to kill them all and I am all like phew, thank you Jonh for refreshing my memory.

Then Widmore says that all he wanted to do was to kill Ben so that Locke could lead and then Locke asks why and then Widmore says because you are special and then asks why am I so special and then Widmore says “Because you are” Muwahahahahaha. Please dude. I am getting tired of the “beacause you ares” I .need. answers!!!!! Then Locke says that Richard said that he would have to die and then Widmore says that he will not let it happen. ooookay. Yeah, ha-ha.

Then Abaddon, shows up and he is Teh Driver. First Stop: San Domingo to see Sayid (of course, they are flying there, not driving from Tunisia. duh)

Sayid is doing some sort of voluntary work. He is surprised to see Locke. Locke tells him that he needs to go back to the Island of Doom and Sayid says he has had enough. He worked with Ben for two years under the assumption that he was helping the people they left behind. NO MORE,he says. Then he says he was married to the woman he loved, Nadia (Note: not Shannon, he loved her for about 10 days then she died, then he went back to loving Nadia, now it’s a matter of time until he loves the Marshall chick I am pretty sure, but I digress. Love stories make me dizzy) but then Nadia died. Locke is very touched. But then Sayid is REALLY mean – BAD SAYID – and says something like: why do you want to go back Locke is it because you have nowhere else to go? Sheesh Sayid. Did you really have to??

Locke and Abaddon are sitting in the car waiting for something or someone. Locke asks Abaddon to  look Helen (his ex girlfriend) up.

Then they get out and Locke sees who he is looking for and it’s:

WAAAAAAAAAAAAAALT!!!!! Who is like, a giant!

He asks about his father. Oopsie Locke says that last thing he heard he was on a freighter just outside the island. Walt doesn’t seem particularly surprised to see him and says he has been having dreams about Locke (ooooooooooooooooo)  in them he’s dressed in a suit and people want to hurt him (ooooooooooooooo). Then he asks what Locke wants. I guess Locke was supposed to get Walt to go back, but re-thinks about this and says he just wanted to know if he was ok. awwww, remember back in season one? The two of them, being good buddies and playing backgammon and stuff? Good times.  Locke leaves.

Cue to Ben standing in the crowd from afar looking all doom and gloom. I have NEVER seen him looking as EVIL as this. Ok, maybe once or twice. FINE. I am exaggerating. It is MY recap ok?

Next stop: Hurley at the mental institution. Hurley thinks Locke is dead and says oh, they got you too ha?

Then Locke says he is alive. Then Hurley gets scared because he is alive. Gosh, I love this show. Seeing dead people is GOOD. Seeingliving people is BAD.

Then Locke tries to co-opt Hurley for the mission Going Back but Hurley doesn’t want to hear anything. He tells Locke that

Abaddon is EVIIIIIIIIL and that he should be careful. In the car, Abaddon and Locke talk about old times when , I don’t know if you remember that: but Abaddon was the one that talked John into going to Australia to do the walkabout that got into the original flight! Abaddon says that this is what he does for Widmore, he helps people going where they need to go.

Next stop: Kateland. She refuses to go back. I want to know how in the world did Kate get to be so cold about the people she left behind. Hello, we are talking SAWYER here, the man she boinked (excuse my language) many times and exchanged love words with (ok, not exactly. I exaggerate. Please see previous comment about this being my recap and all). Then she aks him if he has ever loved anyone and that he was desperate to stay in the island and I completely fail to see how this has anything to do with well, anything.

Then he tells her about Helen.

Then she is like, all sarcastic: biatch see how far you have come?

and I am like whoa cowgirl. Get down your high horse please? All of a sudden everybody behaves like they are perfect and dish it all on poor Locke. I really do freaking HATE Kate. You have a perfect life Kate: you pretend to be good like you never killed anybody just because you felt like. or that you got a baby that it’s not yours just because you felt like it. so. See how far YOU have come?

Next stop: cemetery. Poor Locke finds out Helen is D-E-A-D. Poor man never gets a respite.

Then they go back to the car and Abaddon gets shot and dies! and I am like, shiiiiit! I did not see that coming either!

Locke desperately drives away and gets into a car accident and wakes up in the hospital and guess whose hospital it is:

Jack’s! Who is sitting by his bed all : I can’t believe this is happening to me. Then he asks John what is he doing there and how come he is at his hospital. HELLO Jackass. Jonh was UNCONSCIOUS. How would he know???? Then he is all ironic and shit saying.Oh I know that : it’s DESTINY right John.

Locke is all like: but Jack what are the CHANCES? Really, people. What are the chances? So we are back to the Man of Science, Man of Faith debate. Locke says someone tried to kill him because they don’t want him to succeed.

Jack – notice the tears – part of the Let’s Trash Locke Team – says: “Have you ever stopped to think that these delusions that you’re special aren’t real? That maybe there’s nothing important about you at all? Maybe you are just a lonely old man that crashed on an island. That’s it.” KILL HIM NOW. But Locke has another card up his sleeve. Before Jack leaves the room, Locke says: “You father says Hello” eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

That makes Jack cry even more. Locke: “The man, the man who told me to move the island — the man who told me how to bring you all back, he said to tell his son hello. It couldn’t have been Sayid’s father, and it wasn’t Hurley’s. That leaves you. He said his name was Christian.” Then he tells Jack all about bringing the people back to the island. He says it’s Jack’s fate. Jack tells him to leave them all alone.

Locke is at a hotel room  , he is desperate.

He writes the note to Jack.

And prepares to kill himself. And I am like: wait. WAIT. This is WRONG. The timelines are wrong. He can’t kill himself NOW. The Locke in the coffin doesn’t have scars in his face. BUT also, Back in season 4, when we first saw the flashforward with Jack being all desperate and finding the note that Locke was dead, his BEARD was IMMENSE and he was already flying back and forth trying to find the island again. This is wrong , wrong, wrong.

I have seen Locke down but not so down as this. It is really sad. Terry O’Quinn is awesome.

Then Ben bursts in and I am like, THANK GOD. Phew, I knew I could trust the writers, they woulnd’t be that crap in keeping a record of the events right?

Ben is all like, you did it John. You convinced Jack. He just bought a ticket. And you know if you get Jack , you can get all of them (because you know that Jack is the REALLY special one – *vomits*)

John is relieved. It is a really intense scene. These two actors rock together. I hope they don’t die.

Look at this, man. He deserves several awards.

Ben talks him into getting down. Then they talk about going back and then John mention Mrs Hawking. Somehow this is the wrong thing to say and Ben’s face changes and





Maybe I am naive, but I didn’t think this would go down this way. He makes it look like suicide.

Let’s not forget that I believe the writers really messed up here.

Then Ben says he will miss Locke. Now, I wonder. Doesn’t he believe he will come back to life? Why did he kill him ONLY after the heard the name of Mrs Hawking. Aren’t they allies? The plot thickens.

The flashback ends and we go back to the Island. Cesar tells Locke that when they were on the plane he was sitting next to the big guy with the curly hair  – which I can only assume is Hurley – and that when the plane started to shake he just poof, disappeared with the  white light. Other people did too and what the hell is going on here?

Locke says he doesn’t rightly now but he might have an idea and that he needs to find his friends. Cesar says there are a few people that are hurt. He takes Locke to see them. They find:

BEN! And Cesar asks if Locke knows him and Locke says: this is the man who killed me. eeeeeeeeeee


Ok, not the best of Locke’s episodes. Still,a good one. The flashbacks were not too fantastic , we all knew how he had tried to co-opt the O6ers already. Nothing new there. Ben killing him was a surprise (to me, at least) and the WALT scene was cool too. The best was seeing Locke alive again. May he live long and forever now!

Next Episode? a Sawyer one. There will be squeeing.

Caps courtesy of Lost-Media

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  • Danielle
    March 14, 2009 at 8:54 am

    I think the writers have had a few too many joints…

  • KristieJ
    March 19, 2009 at 3:01 am

    I’m late commenting – but I loved this recap again!! Poor Locke – a more gullable guy I’ve seldom seen. How many times can Ben shoot, hang, lie, destroy him before he clues in? I liked Sun’s actions towards Ben last night – knock him out with a boat paddle!

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