Lost Recap: 05 x 10 He’s Our You

Fasten your seat belts cause it’s a Sayid episode: violence and hotness ahead.

Lost recap: Season 5 Episode 10 – He’s our you

The episode opens and I am surprised cause this is a honest-to-god proper Flashback! A man in Iraq tells his son that he needs!to!be! a! man! which seems can only happen by killing a defenseless chicken.  The boy is not very happy about it…then another boy comes (his younger brother?) and it’s Sayid!

Who takes over the duty and kills the chicken with his own bare hands – by snapping its neck! Jaysus…..Sayid was bad-ass even then. But it makes me wonder about his other flashbacks – you know, the ones that show how reluctant he was about torturing and killing people. …hummm

Back to the future (errr past?) Sayid is a prisoner in DharmaVille…

His new little friend Benny comes in with a chicken (!) sandwich and asks if Richard sent him. He tells Sayid about how he has been waiting to join the Others and then says he can help Sayid.

Another Flashback. This one shows Sayid (with a horrible hairdo, seriously folks, it’s horrible) killing a man in cold blood (yes, he became a real man alright, just like his daddy told him) , then he walks away and ….

Ben is waiting for him outside. Sayid asks what’s next. Ben says they are done. Sayid is all like WTF? then Ben says that they took care of the threat against his friends left behind and now they can part ways. Then Sayid is all like, I killed all these people for YOU! then Ben is all Freud-like and says na-na, YOU asked for their names. Anyways, now you are free Sayid. So long, farewell, adieu. Sayid stands there stunned. What now?

Back to craphole Island, Horace comes in and is all bad-cop on Sayid. He wants to know if Sayid is really a hostile and gives him one hour to think about telling the truth or else. I think: ha, dude, do you think you can scare Sayid? SAYID? He is like the King of Torturers.

Meanwhile, Juliet is all worried. She asks Sawyer if they are done. If their time together has come to an end because THEY are back.

Sawyer is all cute and beautiful and hot and really this is the only reason why I am adding this photo.

But I really am enjoying their moments together. They behave like grow-ups….

Oopps another one. SUE ME.

Anyways, Horace interrupts their moment and tells Sawyer they need to get the prisoner to talk. He  mentions another person that could help them who Sawyer refers to as “Teh Psychopath” and I tremble inside. Sawyer says he will try to talk to Sayid.

The Pretty, I mean, Sawyer asks Sayid how he is doing. Sayid is all like,

dude, a 12 year old Ben Linus brought me a chicken salad sandwich, how do you think I am doing?Sayid is like, how can you live with him?

Sawyer is all like, excuse me, did I have any choice? Hello, you guys LEFT US BEHIND. Ok, so the anger is mine but I get Sawyer’s point. Then he tells Sayid he needs to flee, head-butts him to make it look like he fought him but Sayid refuses  to go. and I am like: why?

Then we cut to the Fantastic (NOT) trio: Hurley- who got a job in the kitchen – asks Jack what he is going to do about Sayid. Jack says that Sawyer is going to take care of it. Then Kate says she is going to ask Juliet.

Then Hurley is all in her face saying oooo Juliet and Sawyer are TO-GE-THEEEER. eeeeee.

and Kate is all like: ha? she doesn’t seem to like it.HA! Take that BIATCH.

Hurley: “I thought it was kind of obvious…. I mean, who couldn’t see that coming?”

*Ana raises hand*  I didn’t!

Kate asks Jack if he knew….

Yep , he says and makes a Jackface.

Back in the cell of Hotness and someone walks in and it’s a workman or…

Roger, Ben’s father. He teases Sayid about being caught by the Dharma Idiots. Then Ben comes in with more food for Sayid and his daddy doesn’t like it. Ben pretends the food is for him but he doesn’t buy it.

He is pretty nasty to the kid and I really do pitty young Ben. Sayid only watches and I have no idea what is going on that tortured mind of his.

Cut to the future (past?) : Santo Domingo, where Sayid is doing voluntary work. Ben shows up and tells him Locke is dead. “I think he was murdered.” Oh, the evil bastard.

he tells Sayid he was likely killed because of what Sayid and Ben had done. Man, talk about torturing the torturer. I wonder if Ben remembers Sayid from when he was a child. and if that has something to do with the weird dynamics they have going on. Ben seems to ENJOY to tease him. He goes on to say that Hurley may be in danger and then Sayid asks why does this have anything to do with me?

Then Ben says: well, you are capable of things Sayid. You are a killer.

Sayid says he is mistaken.

I get goosebumps. I do not like where this is heading to. I am thinking that the TPTB are setting Sayid for a fall.

Back to the Island of Doom, Sawyer and the other Dharmites are ready to interrogate Sayid who has nothing to say.

Sawyer zaps him and Sayid falls.

I really can’t believe this is happening. What the hell is Sawyer doing? How is he going to help?

They drive Sayid to the jungle to see Oldham AKA Teh Psychopath . Sayid asks who is the guy…

Sawyer says “he’s our you” and NOW I DO GET SCARED SHITLESS. Holy crap, if there is something that can scare me is to have another Sayid interrogating Sayid. That’s a great line by the way.

Note: the guy is E.B Farnum from Deadwood!! Hey, E.B.

Anyways, they tie Sayid to a tree and I am like HOLY CRAPOLES.

Because payback is a bitch dudes. Do you remember, season 1, episode 8 because I remember it as clear as day – Sawyer was wearing his blue shirt and that was when he first kissed kate and it was also when SAYID TIED HIM TO A TREE IN THE JUNGLE OF MYSTERY AND TORTURED HIM.  So yeah, what goes around comes around.

I guess Sawyer remembers that too.

Another flash and we are back at the moment when Sun is about to kill Ben and Sayid walks away from them saying: “If I see you again, it will be extremely unpleasant for us both.”oooo

He is drinking at a bar and see the woman that had him arrested so I know what’s going to happen, BORING so hurry hurry I want to see what is happening in the freaking island

and my wish is granted and I am really, REALLY tense because they gave him a truth serum and he is like: “I came on a plane — Ajira flight 316, and that’s how I returned to the island.””Returned”? they ask.

then he is like, yeah, we crashed here before and I stayed for 100 days

Then he says: “Ask Sawyer” and I am like

Defcon alert! Defcon alert! Run, Sawyer RUUUUUUUUUUUUN. They ask who the hell is Sawyer then

Radzinsky interrupts them and asks what he knows about the Swan station. God the man is totally in love with that station. Sayid is all like the Swan was to study electro-magnetism. “But of course, that was before the incident…” ooooo You are all going to die, he says.

They are all like, how do you know all this?

and Sayid is like: because I am from the future and I love his face here cause it sounds so crazy but it’s of course, the truth. They don’t believe him (PHEW) and think they gave him the wrong amount of the serum.

Then cut to Juliet and Kate who are having a talk. Kate says she knows about Suliet (Sawyer+Juliet, in case you wondered) and Juliet is all like, good, cause I didn’t want to come out and say, HAND-OFF my man candy but it’s exactly what she says in a not-subtle way. Then,

they bring Sayid back and

Sawyer looks at his harem and thinks hummmmm. No, not really, he actually looked concerned. Maybe he is wondering if the women are talking about his technique or something.

then the Dharmites have a meeting about what to do with Sayid. They want to kill him. Sawyer is trying to talk them out of it but they take a vote and the last one to vote is Sawyer and he votes:

YES. I am like: NOOOOOOO, Sawyer, what in the world do you think you are doing??? You just voted to kill Sayid.

I am speechless. But really, what ELSE could he do in this situation? He is the only one in a position of power right now and anything he does will come under scrutiny. He is the losties only hope right?

Back to Sayid and the chick, they are about to have sex, or so he thinks.

She has other ideas. She kicks him in the face

and turns out she is like a bounty hunter who is there to get Sayid to someone (Ben??)

The Island of Doom, Cell of Hotness: Sawyer tells him to overpower him and get away cause he is going to die otherwise. Phew. Thank you Sawyer, I thought for a moment, you had gone to the Dark Side.

Then Sayid says NO, again and it makes me wonder if he is on drugs. Oh, wait yes he is. Still, he seems to think he has a “Special Purpose” and I get this tingling sensation that DOOM is coming and I do not like it. At all.

Sawyer totally agrees with me by the way.

Then Sawyer goes to see Kate. Cause you know, he can’t control himself. I prepare for:  Shipper Sequence Ahead.

She is all like,oooo hello Pretty do you want me? No, wait, that was only in my head.

although she does look like she is glad he came to see her. : D

He then asks: why did you come back??? And she is like, I know WHY I came back. and I am like, wait a minute it sounds like she came back for him right? But we KNOW that is not true. so whatever. Don’t piss me off Kate, you are one second away from being banned from Canon Shipper Status in my heart.

Just then a Dharma-Van on fire storms in the complex.

Jackface! and he is like: what happened?

and Sawyer says: “Three years, no burning buses, you all are back for one day….”. Is it me or Sawyer is REALLY into the whole I am a Dharma man now? It is starting to give me the CREEPS. STOP THAT ALREADY.

Then we learn it was Ben who did the whole Van-on-fire thing as a diversion so that he could see Sayid again. He is all bruised because his dad beat him up and he is crying and I am like awwww,what the frak happened to make such a sweet kid become the Master Evil? Then he tells Sayid he will help him escape if he takes him to his people.

Sayid, very coldly says: yes, Ben that’s why I am here.

oh noes, oh noes, oh noes. Psycho-Sayid is back.

Another flash (back?forward? are we confused?) and it’s them in the airplane, the moment Ben walks in

And Sayid asks the chick if she is working for Ben and she is like who is Ben? “He’s a liar. A manipulator. A man who allowed his own daughter to be murdered to save himself. A monster responsible for nothing short of genocide.”

She says she would not work for someone like that. He says: I did.


Back to the island and Sayid and Ben are running and they see

Jin who asks what is going on. Sayid lies and says Sawyer let him go. Jin wants to call Sawyer and Sayid


Then Benny is all impressed and shit and then Sayid takes Jin’s gun and says “You were right about me.”and I am like ohnoesohnoesohnoesohnoes and


and Freaking SHOOTS LITTLE BEN…..

and runs into the jungle.

oh crap.


So, I am 100% sure Ben is not dead. Because according to Faraday, “what happened , happened” and this is the past and they can’t change it so this happened all along. What I am worried about is: is this what has shapped Ben into who he is now? Does this mean, that all the deaths, evil plans etc are the result of the losties’ acts in the past- most importantly Sayid’s acts? I wonder what does this mean to Sayid’s story arc: the thing is, he had somewhat redeemed himself when he vouched never to kill or torture again but if he looked into his own soul and says: I am a killer, then in my mind, his character arc reached a point of no return. Could this possibly mean that Sayid is set to die this season? I never thought he would make the end anyway, but it pains me that this great character was made to kill a child. That is hard.

Next is a Kate episode. I hope it is the beginning of her redemption , I simply can’t take much more of wishy-washy Kate.

All caps courtesy of Lost-Media.com

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  • Kristen
    April 4, 2009 at 8:05 am

    I’m so glad I’m caught up on Lost episodes now so I can read all these great recaps! Loved this episode and I’m really starting to like the idea of Sawyer with Juliet better than Sawyer with Kate.

  • bastard
    April 4, 2009 at 10:31 am

    Lost Recap: 05 x 10 He’s Our You…

    Bookmarked your post over at Blog Bookmarker.com!…

  • carolyn Jean
    April 4, 2009 at 6:31 pm

    This is a freakshow, you two!!

    And you are a freakshow with these recaps!!

    I’m glad I stopped watching first season, when Sayid was still good. he remains pure in my heart!

  • Bridget Locke
    April 4, 2009 at 7:35 pm

    All I can think is “Whoa!” When this show is over and I have a minute to sit down, I’m getting all 5 seasons and glomming them. Your recaps are phenomenal, by the way, and usually funny. I can tell you invest a ton of time in them!

    PS. Thank you for adding me. I feel like I’m one of the in-crowd now. LOL!

  • Amy @ My Friend Amy
    April 4, 2009 at 8:40 pm

    Yes, I was pained with the same realization that there is really no redemption for Sayid. 🙁

  • KristieJ
    April 5, 2009 at 3:36 am

    I was shocked – SHOCKED I tell you when Sayid shot little Ben. ‘Cause man did he blow it by doing that. All poor little Ben wanted was someone to care about him. Although he was creepy as little Ben – he wasn’t EEEEVVIILL Ben then. You could tell he wanted someone to admire – being that his dad was just nasty – and if Sayid had been more of a role model and less a murderer/torturer – what a different path little Ben might have taken.
    And as much as I enjoyed this episode – I can hardly wait for next weeks recap because the last episode held some VERY FINE awwwwhhhh Sawyer moments. The other girl at work that I spend at least half an hour talking ‘Lost’ with, missed it so I was filling her in.

  • Ana
    April 5, 2009 at 10:18 am

    Kristen: woohoo! Glad you can join us for the Lost-squeeing.

    CJ – We are freaks and geeks

    Bridget: thank you and *highfive* . Sorry we didn’t add you sooner. 😳

    Amy: I know 🙁 I think he is going to go very soon. His arc reminds me of Mr Eko’s now.

    Kristie: I completely agree with you. Sayid could have taken a different path but you know what happened, happened. :mrgreen:

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