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Book News:

Kushiel’s Mercy, the final book of the Imriel trilogy, comes out next Thursday (June 12)!

Fantasy Book Critic is giving away THREE SETS of the Imriel books, giveaway to end Thursday, June 12, 2008 – 11:59AM PST(unfortunately the giveaway is only for North America residents). Here.

‘Round the Web and Other Random News:

Fantasy & Sci-Fi Lovin’ Book Reviews is giving away FOUR short story collections (here: ) to a lucky winner. Contest ends Thursday June 12, open only to U.S. residents.

Tor’s current free ebook is Orphans of Chaos. Thea highly recommends this book. She actually wrote a dungeon about it recently: Orphans of Chaos

The horror television show Fear Itself premeired on Thursday with “The Sacrifice”. Next week: “Spooked” (starring Cynthia Watros, aka Libby!) and Eric Roberts. Synopsis: While on a stake out in a haunted house, a private eye is revisited by restless spirits of those he wronged in the past and now those spirits are set on deadly revenge.

“Spooked” is directed by Brad Anderson (Session 9, The Machinist).

And check out the new Wall-E trailer – he is so cute!

And a couple of Announcements:

On Tuesday I will be posting an advanced review of the new Joanna Bourne which comes out in two weeks : My Lord and Spymaster.

And we have very special event coming up: an interview with the one and only Loretta Chase in celebration of her new book Your Scandalous Ways – we will have three copies to give away so stay tuned!

And we finally got The Lost Duke of Wyndham! and we read it and we loved it!

Now, if only I could get Mr Cavendish, I Presume soon…….

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  • Bev(QB)
    June 8, 2008 at 7:33 am

    ssshhhhh… you didn’t see me… I was never here… I’m really hard at work.

    Just wanted to say thanks for the Carey contest link, which, btw, linked to another site that was also running a contest!

    I read the first trilogy, Phèdre’s story and really enjoyed it. But, let’s face it, Carey is not an easy, lightweight read– you have to PAY ATTENTION! So, I just wasn’t ready for more yet.

    But lately, I’ve found myself thinking that it was high time I sunk my teeth into a meaty fantasy saga again and was even planning on starting this 2nd trilogy. So, now I’ll wait and see if I win it. If not, then I’ll probably dive into it anyhow.

    Oh, and quick question— is Fear Itself like a Twilight Zone/ Night Gallery/ Outer Limits type show? Or is it more a Things Jump Out and Scare the Crap Outta You type of show?

  • Thea
    June 8, 2008 at 2:16 pm

    Bev 🙂 I definitely feel you on the Imriel books–Jaqueline Carey is amazing, but her books are hardly light, frivolous beach reads! Definitely, now’s the time to get into the second trilogy–and I hope you win a set! The good news is that even if you don’t, recently (a few weeks ago i think?) the second book of the Imriel trilogy, Kushiel’s Justice, was released in paperback! Hoorah!

    And yes, Fear Itself is more along the lines of Twilight Zone/et al. Well…I’d say, Tales from the Crypt is a more accurate comparison. Although the first show was pretty mediocre, I will still be tuning in for next week!

  • Jill D.
    June 8, 2008 at 5:10 pm

    Hi Ana, Thanks for the contest link for the Kushiel books. I just finished the first one Kushiel’s Dart with a review soon to follow. So I take it the first three books are about Phedre and then then the last three books are about a new heroine. Hmmm… interesting. Anyway I entered the contest!

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