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The Book Smugglers Present 2016 – AND A NEW ANTHOLOGY

HAPPY SMUGGLIVUS, EVERYONE! Yesterday, we took a retrospective look at 2015. Today, as we turn 8, we look forward to 2016–and announce a brand spankin’ new anthology.



SpecFic 2015

First on our list of priorities for 2016 is the publication of Speculative Fiction 2016! With Foz Meadows and Mark Oshiro at the helm as co-editors of this year’s edition, we couldn’t be more excited. Submissions closed at the end of 2015, and we’re very excited to see what articles make the final cut.


2016 is the YEAR OF THE SUPERHERO! Like Subversive Fairytales and First Contact before it, our short story open call for summer/fall 2016 focuses on all things heroic and super-powered–we’re looking forward to reading and announcing our lineup of titles very soon.

More serialized stories!

Speaking of superheroes, 2016 also marks the year when we publish our second series of short stories: HURRICANE HEELS, a series of five interconnected short stories by Isabel Yap!

Growing up isn’t easy, even with goddess grace and supernatural ass-kicking powers. The Hurricane Heels series looks at the lives of five magical girls – Alex, Ria, Natalie, Aiko, and Selena – through the years, as they balance slaying the forces of evil with school, secrets, falling in love, and staying friends.

Each story will be told from a different character’s point of view – one story for each of the five girls – starting with a bachelorette party gone terribly wrong.

The series will be published in quickfire succession in Fall 2016.


In 2015 we launched the Novella Initiative and announced our plans to publish novellas from 2017. We have a theme-free open call RIGHT NOW, open through May 30 2016 11:59PM PST.

And on that note…

The Convergence of Fairytales

We are happy to announce that we have acquired a brand new novella by Octavia Cade!

“The Convergence of Fairy Tales” is a mash-up of five fairy tale princesses folded into one, and each personality gets their own subversive rewrite within the wider narrative. It’s just the type of story we love and are so proud to feature: the type that mixes fairy tale retellings and feminism and subversion. It also has the sort of darkness and brutality (and blood) we all have come to expect from Octavia Cade.

You can expect “The Convergence of Fairy Tales” to be published toward the end of 2016.


This year also marks the publication of Book Smugglers Publishing’s first novels: the Extrahuman Union Series by Susan Jane Bigelow.

We will be publishing Extrahumans by Susan Jane Bigelow – the fourth book in the series. In addition, leading up to publication of book 4, Book Smugglers Publishing will repackage and relaunch the first three books in the series: Broken, Sky Ranger (the book formerly known as Fly Into Fire) and The Spark.

The four novels will be published throughout 2016 – we already have freaking amazing cover art for these and we can’t wait to share with you!

Epic Re-Reads

Last year, we (re)read the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, and Thea re-traveled the road to the Dark Tower (she’s planning on finishing books 6, 7 and 4.5 this year). We want to do this again in 2016–and we’re going to start with a series very near and dear to our hearts…

Harry Potter Set

That’s right, muggles–we’re rereading Harry Potter in time for our viewing of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child in August! More details to come on an Old School Wednesday very soon.


We plan to continue our biannual business meetings in 2016. Ana is to go to NY at the end of January (so soon)! Thea will come to London in August for us to attend Nine Worlds together (AND the aforementioned Harry Potter and The Cursed Child – the play).

Then we Smugglers make our way to WorldCon in Kansas City. We cannot wait.


That is all.


Presenting: A First Contact Anthology

Last but certainly not least, we celebrate our 8th birthday with a brand new ANTHOLOGY!

As you know, our sophomore season of short stories centered on the theme of First Contact. Today, we are thrilled to announce that we have collected each of these short stories in an anthology, so you can collect them all in one sweet ebook package.

Tales of First Contact

Book Smugglers Publishing presents its sophomore anthology of out-of-this-world short stories.

An intergalactic negotiation commences between a husband and wife, and actual aliens from outer space. A romantic encounter kindles between the last human alive and a fallen star. A young woman discovers her ability to choose her fate for the first time. An experimental application questions what it means to be alive and to be self-aware. An overlooked and unheard antiheroine comes of age, and realizes her self-potential.

First Contact: Five Tales of First Encounters collects five short stories that examine the concept of “first contact” from diverse, feminist, and original perspectives.

  • The Merger by Sunil Patel
  • Luminous by A.E. Ash
  • The Vishakanya’s Choice by Roshani Chokshi
  • Application for the Delegation of First Contact: Questionnaire, Part B by Kathrin Kohler
  • The Bridegroom by Amelia Mangan

All stories originally published and edited by The Book Smugglers.

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