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Over at Kirkus: Countdown City by Ben H. Winters

It’s Monday, and we are over at Kirkus! Today, Thea reviews pre-apocalyptic mystery novel Countdown City by Ben H. Winters.

Countdown City (Final)

And while it wasn’t as good as The Last Policeman, Thea still enjoyed it. Go HERE to get the full scoop.

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  • Darlynne
    September 8, 2013 at 11:06 am

    I’ve just finished this second book and will have to disagree about Ben’s voice and the lack of character depth. His relationship with Nico, for one, was revealed in greater detail and the insanity of looking for Brett made perfect sense as an effort to grasp a completely insane world.

    In all, I felt more grief as things continued to fall apart; it was hard, in fact, to shake the overwhelming doom even after putting the book down for the day. Ben’s mistakes have lasting–well, 77 days–consequences and the peril of taking any steps would be paralyzing to me (although everyone else finds this horribly liberating) and still, he perseveres.

    I will say that if things had gone awry in that final car journey, if Ben’s insistence on knowing the truth had jeopardized the others, I would have set the book on fire before throwing it at the wall. My involuntary reaction to that scene–along the lines of “Oh no, no, no, no, NO!”–shows how much of a grip the story had on me. Can’t even imagine where book three will take us. Thanks for the excellent review.

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