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Zombie Appreciation Week: Wrap up

We have come to the end of another Appreciation Week and it is time for a confession. When Thea first came up with the idea of a Zombie Appreciation Week quite a few months ago, I wasn’t very enthused. Unlike her, I was (note the past tense here?) not a fan of zombies and never thought about them for more than two seconds. Then, I couldn’t put if off any longer and it was time to man-up and say “yes, dude let’s do it” and here we are, one week later….and it turns out: I REALLY enjoyed it. I come out at the end of this week with a new-found appreciation for these creatures that I never thought I would find inside of me. I loved every part of my “homework”: I LOVED Mark Henry’s books and his take on Zombies and his hilarious characters; I was highly impressed with The Walking Dead Graphic Novel which turned out to be one of the best comics I have ever read and I absolutely did not expect to fall in love the way I did with Night of the Living Dead by George A Romero (the original, not the remake). In fact, the more I think about this week, the more I surprise myself thinking that, against all odds, almost against myself, this was one of the best weeks since we started the blog! Go figure…….hey, always learning something new right?

So, if you, just like me, never really liked zombies, and always thought they are gross and all about the BRAAAAAAINS and the blood…maybe you could give one of these books or movies I read and watched a go? They are really good and it turns out, not REALLY only about zombies and blood and brains.

And just because I was in a silly mood this morning. Here is my impersonation of a Ghoul a la Romero:


Do I make a fine zombie or what?

Anyways, the week is not quite done yet. You can still enter our contest to win signed copies of Happy Hour of the Damned and Road Trip of the Living Dead by Mark Henry – the perfect opportunity to ease into your own zombie appreciation binge. ; ). The contest is open till Sunday March 1st at Noon PST when we will announce the winners of this contest and of the Suicide Collectors giveaway as well (sorry about the delay folks!).

Later today, our weekly Lost Recap. And yes, I found a way to make it relevant to the Zombie Appreciation Week. What can I say, my mind works in curious ways.

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