Halloween Week

Halloween Week: True Ghost Stories

Do you want to know why ghost stories, movies or books scare me and I avoid them as much as I can? Because to me, they are all within the realm of possibility, for I do believe ghosts are real.


And it’s not a belief that comes from an abstract thought – it is a belief that comes from nearly close encounters of the third kind. My best friend’s family…… see dead people.

Ever since I was little I would hear weird, out of this world tales from her– talking about people they saw, or heard, or even *gasps * talked to.

Want examples? These are real, firsthand scary stories she has told me:

One day, she was sleeping and she wakes up to a weird sound. Toc. Toc. Toc. It seemed like someone was knocking at the door. She opened her eyes and looked around the bedroom and she sees….an old lady. With a walking stick, crossing the bedroom very slowly…


until she disappeared through the wall. And she just sat there watching. Because she is so used to it by now, she doesn’t even think much of it.

Apparently the first time her mother ever saw a ghost was on her honeymoon – her wedding night. She was asleep and she felt a presence in the room. She woke up and there it was: her dead grandmother staring at her and smiling. Like she was happy she got married. And then…puff. She disappeared.

Sometimes these encounters are more frightening, I think. This one day, my friend was in the bathroom and when she walks out of the shower, a woman, with her face all bloody and decayed runs to her screaming “heeeeeeeeeelp” and just walks THROUGH my friend. Her mother tells me that she has never seen or heard anything as scary as my friend’s screaming after that – they all slept in the same room that night and the next morning they had a Priest coming over to bless the house. Nothing like that ever happened again.

Now , you can say all of this was a product of their imagination or that they suffer from, oh, I don’t know, collective hysteria – all of that has crossed my mind. But how would you explain the most earth-shattering happening that I have heard of?

They were all asleep one night. Her mother in her bedroom at the end of the corridor, my friend in hers at the other end. Apparently her mother was asleep (again) and then she felt something was not right. She woke up and saw a man standing there and this was not the usual benign “presence” she is used to. His eyes were red, he was dressed all in black. She felt the need to run to my friend’s bedroom which she did. At that very same moment, my friend woke up and saw a man sitting next to her in her bed (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa) who fit the very.same.description of the man who had just visited her mother and who disappeared when the mother opened her door.

Believe it…..or not.

What about you? Do you know of any True Ghost stories? Care to share?

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  • Mulluane
    October 26, 2008 at 5:48 pm

    There is a famous ghost in my family tree.

    Ghost of Bellamy Bridge

    It is a very tragic story but I recently discovered that research proves that it is not true, but it still makes for a great tale!

    The true story of what happened to Elizabeth Jane (Croom) Bellamy is just as tragic if not more so but it isn’t a ghost story, or is it? Maybe it is still her that haunts the Bellamy Bridge!

    The True Story

  • little alys
    October 27, 2008 at 9:42 am

    I believe a lot of these stories and know some creepy ones too. Some happened to me, but I don’t quite think I’m going to chat about them right now.

    I have another one told to me by this medical examiner. One night, he was called out into the mountains to investigate a dumped car. It was dark and foggy, but there was evidence of foul play. Him being very good and well known, went in a taxi. The fog was so thick the car was basically at a crawl even going uphill, despite the danger of the skitting backwards and crashing.

    For some reason, the medical examiner’s taxi cannot seem to reach the area where the dumped car was. It’s the mountains, mind you, with a one way dirt road. It’s not like you can turn the wrong way and get lost. They drove for over an hour before the man started realized they seem to be circling. Over and over, cannot go higher into the mountains and unable to get down off the moutain. No matter what they did, the taxi kept circling.

    By the time it was about 2 AM, the man saw a flash of something in the grassy hill. He asked the driver to park at a small side ditch right next to the mountain side and walked out towards a sloped area. Even with the heavy thick fog, freezing the weeds and grass into brittle tips, the Med Examiner walked through, pushing aside the tall grass where they kept circling and found the naked body of a woman.

    He called it in and the police came almost immediately. The taxi driver and him were pretty much a half circle under the car wreck. There was no way for him to have been circling that entire time, or to see the glimpse of the woman’s body in the bushes since the grass was near their chest in height.

  • Anonymous
    October 27, 2008 at 10:00 am

    My sister used to live with a ghost. Her apartment was part of a house that was built by a sea captain. We think the ghost was the captain. He had a thing against forks. My sister would do the dishes, leaving the silverware in the holder, would walk out of the room and hear ‘clatter, clatter, clatter’. When she walked back into the kitchen, the forks she just washed would be on the floor. Everything else would be untouched. She eventually said “Captain, I got no problem with you being here, but could you not drop the forks I just washed on the floor, please?” He never did it again.

  • Maria
    October 27, 2008 at 3:36 pm

    Wow, that is some full-coverage for Halloween y’all did here. I haven’t read or seen half of these books/movies/shows.

  • Josette
    October 27, 2008 at 4:25 pm

    Those stories sure are scary! Yes, some people have the gift of seeing dead people and I sure wouldn’t like to be one of them. If I did, I’d definitely pray like I’ve never prayed before!

    My mom’s friend’s grandson saw an old man walking out from a room in the hospital. He mentioned this to his parents but they didn’t see anyone come out from the room! There were other strange incidents too and since then, this small boy’s family believed that he had this unusual gift!

  • Kate
    October 27, 2008 at 7:42 pm

    When I lived in England the house I shared with seven other students had a lady-ghost who would walk around the upstairs landing on only one side – the house was actually two houses made into one, and in the middle of the night you could hear footsteps going from the front of the house, around the landing, to the top of the steps and down to the first floor, but never anywhere else.

    My room was at the top of the steps and I tend to be a light sleeper, so I would always wake up when I heard it, note the time, and made sure to ask everyone else the next day if they had been up around x-a.m. the previous night. Invariably they were not.

    Eventually the lady showed herself to the only downstairs tenant, as she woke up one night to find her dead-asleep boyfriend talking to a lady who disappeared when she woke up. And one night I woke up to feel someone in my room and a hand on my back, and when I opened my eyes I vaguely saw something drawing back from my bed and disappearing (unfortunately I’m legally blind without correction, so no details on what I saw.)

    But the best part? I used to take friends on the “haunted tours” of the city, ghost walks in the evening that were quite fun. One night I was chatting with the tour guide, a retired man in his sixties, who asked where I lived in town. When I told him, he mentioned that he had lived in the same place in the 1960s when he was in college. When I confirmed that I lived in the same house that he used to, he immediately asked, “Does she still walk the landing?”


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