Here at The Book Smugglers, we have a number of regular weekly, monthly, and annual features. Here’s a look at our current roster:

Ongoing Features

Old School Wednesdays
A regular Book Smuggler feature in which we take a break from the never-ending inundation of the New and Shiny, and embark on a mini-vacation into the past. On Old School Wednesdays, we review books that are at least 5 years old.

On the Smugglers’ Radar
Weekly feature in which each Smuggler discloses upcoming titles they cannot wait to read.

SFF in Conversation
Regular feature in which we invite guests to talk about a variety of topics important to speculative fiction fans, authors, and readers. Our vision is to create a safe (moderated) space for thoughtful conversation about the genre, with a special focus on inclusivity and diversity in SFF.

The Kaz Signal
Column in which familiar tropes, particularly in speculative fiction and pop culture, are broken down and discussed by new regular contributor and author Carlie St. George

Trope Anatomy 101
Monthly feature with YA author Karen Mahoney taking a look at everything comics and popgeekery

Joint Reviews
We do at least two of these conversational-style joint reviews a month.

Inspirations & Influences
Authors whose books we have reviewed talk about their writing inspirations and influences.

From the Page to the Screen
Reviews of books that have made it to the big screen.

Decoding the Newbery
Decoding the Newbery is a monthly column in which Newbery Medal winners are examined and deconstructed by regular contributor and author Catherine Faris King.

Food & Horror
Food & Horror is a monthly column in which our regular contributor and author Octavia Cade examines the relationship between food and horror.

The Time Travel Project
Ana is going to read ALL the time travel books. This might take some time.

Chat With an Author
Interviews with authors whose books we have reviewed.

Learn, Grow, Improve: Progressive Publishers Doing Cool Things
Feature in which we spotlight new ventures, content creators and publishers that are doing awesome things – awesome, defined as something smart, admirable, and most importantly, progressive.

The Dare
Monthly feature in which we “dare” each other (and guest reviewers) to read & review books outside of their comfort zones.

What She Said
Feature in which each Smuggler reads and reviews a book that the other has already reviewed.


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