Smugglers Elsewhere: Kirkus and Fantasy Cafe

It’s Friday, which means we are over at Kirkus! Today, Ana talks about Visibility of Women in Science Fiction and Fantasy:

(…)as we cross the one-year threshold, we are thrilled to continue our weekly column here on the SF&F blog because we are dedicated to these genres and, above all, we are proud to be columnists for Kirkus as female fan writers of SFF.

Basically: We are women, hear us roar.

That said, we are NOT in any way the exception, because there are so many other wonderful and impassioned female fan writers of SFF out there today. This needs to be said, repeated, reinforced and celebrated.

Speculative Fiction is a field populated with a multitude of great female authors, fans and fan writers. And yet, this is a genre in which women continue to struggle for visibility every single day.

And with that prompt, we talk about two great events this month:

Harry Markov’s Women in Genre and Fantasy Cafe’s Women in Science Fiction and Fantasy Month.

Fantasy Cafe’s inaugural post for 2013 (by Renay from Lady Business) invites readers to help create a huge recommendation list of great Science Fiction and Fantasy written by women. We encourage everybody to contribute by filling up the form HERE.


Meanwhile, we are also today’s guests at Fantasy Cafe and our contribution to the Month is also about visibility of female writers of SFF especially those who write Young Adult and Middle Grade novels. We talk about our favourites and include a list with over 100 current, well-rated (by us, of course) MG and YA novels for your perusal. The link will go up later today (we will make sure to add it here when it’s up!). ETA: it’s UP! Go here to read our contribution.

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