Lost Recap: 05 x 14 Some Like it Hoth

This week: recap of Lost, Season 5 Episode 14 – Some Like it Hoth, a Miles episode, A.K.A. The return of the Daddy Issues.

Flashback time: a woman, in a flat, looking to rent it. I recognise her from the first episode of this season, the wife of Dr Chang and the mother of a baby, which I ALWAYS thought was Miles.

I was right, for here he is. Kid Miles. The mother tells the landlord that it’s her and the kid. The father is not there. The kid asks for a quarter for the vending machine. He runs off but on the way he seems to hear/see something coming from behind a closed door. He opens the door to an apartment and the guy who lives there is dead. He screams

The mother runs in and asks what happened. Miles says that the guy was all alone , scared and calling for Kimberly. The landlord says Kim was the guy’s late wife. and how come Miles knows this. “I heard him” he says. The mother is all like, hello the dude is dead. The kid covers his ears and is all like : I can hear him! I can hear him!

Cut to old Miles reading at the watching station.

Sawyer and kate are coming back from leaving Benny with The Others and Sawyer calls him and asks Miles to erase the tape from the camera that has evidence of what Kate and he had been doing.

Miles is all like , no but yeah but, no but yeah. Ok.

Kate asks Sawyer what he is going to do when they find out that Benny is gone.

She is all flirty like

and he is all like showing off and stuff : I am the head of security. Behold my power. I shall cover any trace of our misdoing.

But ooops. Before Miles can erase the tape , Horace shows up asking for Sawyer.  He is out of range, says Miles. Then Horace is all like mysterious and says he is going to bring Miles into the “cicle of Trust” and I am like. HOW LAME.

He tells Miles to go after Radzinsky in grid 334, and take a package to him. “He’s gonna give you something in return. I want you to bring it back to me with no questions asked. You understand?”Miles is all like, isn’t grid 334 in hostile territory? Horace says, well, welcome to the circle of trust. Highfive

Miles drives to grid 334 and the Crazy Guy jumps out of the jungle poiting a gun at him. WTf are you doing here he asks. I am in the circle of trust, Miles responds and I am like, seriously, please stop saying that.

Miles gives him the package and it is a body bag for the body that Radzinsky and some others bring out of the jungle. “He fell in a ditch” he says. and Miles is all like sarcastic and asks if the ditch had a gun cause that is a gun wound in the guys head.

The others leave and Miles is alone with  corpse in the van and because he can talk to Dead People he proceeds to ask: so , what did really happen?

Cut to Miles looking modern. At least he doesn’t have a wig.

He is visiting his mother who is apparentely dying of cancer. He apologies for taking so long to come by. The mother says it’s ok and asks why he is there. I am like, lady you are dying. This is why he is here. But I am wrong. he is there to ask questions, because this is his last chance. gee, talk about calous. He asks: “I need you to tell me why I’m this way, how — how I do the things I do, and I need to know why you won’t talk to me about my father.”

“Your father kicked us out when you were just a baby. He didn’t want anything to do with us. So the less you knew about him, the better.” He is all like, why did you not tell me this before. She is like, let bygones be bygones and he asks where is his father’s body and she says “somewhere you can never go” Yeah, right. This is LOST, nothing is impossible.

Back to the Island of Doom and Horace tells him to take the package to Dr Chang in the Orchid. Miles doesn’t want to go but now that he is in the circle of trust (meh) he is the one that has to go.  Outside, Hurley is by the van. He is going to the Orchid as well, to take food to the workers.

Hurley says they should car-pool because of global warming  “which hasn’t happened yet, so maybe we can prevent it.”aww Hurley, you are getting some of the best lines this year.

Then he is like: oooo “Wait a sec. Are you on some kind of secret mission?” Miles tells him to jump in and off they go

Meanwhile Kate and Juliet talk about Teh Mission.

Juliet is all  like, so did MY man help? Kate says oh yeah, he did but internally she is all like Sawyer was GREAT, we flirted like old times. He even called me freckles.HA!

Then Roger walks in and is all like, holy crap my kid is dead! he is not here. Juliet is all like no no, I am sorry but I was out for like, ten seconds and the kid is gone. Roger is furious and is all like what have you done to him. “You’re his doctors! You’re supposed to watch him!”

Juliet seems to be really sorry but when he leaves she is cool and collected and it’s like, the bitch can lie dudes. watch out.  She says to Kate, here we go. Again. Lying our ways out of this mess.

Back to the van,Miles wonders about what Hurley is writing. Hurleys asks how to spell Bounty Hunter and I wonder too. Then, Hurley smells something rotten in the land of Lost and they go check and Hurley finds the body and Miles tells him everything he learnt. The guy was digging something,”then he felt this sharp pain in his mouth, which turned out to be a filling from his tooth being yanked right out of its socket and blowing through his brain. Then he was dead.”

Then Hurley is all like, dude you can talk to dead people. Miles denies it. But then our awesome Hurley says, it’s ok, I talk to them too. They are like BFF now.

Flashback. Some dude has paid Miles to ask his dead son if he knew he loved him. Miles wants to visit the grave but the boy has been cremated. He says it’s ok, we can work like this but it will cost more. he then makes a show of it, closes his eyes, concentrate and says yes, he knew you loved him.

Outside the house, guess who shows up! Naomi!! She says her boss wants to talk to him at a nearby restaurant. Miles says yes.

Craphole island. Roger is doing all he can to find his son. He is sitting down getting drunk.

For some reason I can’t for the life of me, fathom, Kate is all like, friends with the guy. She says everything is going to be alright. Like, woman, where are your senses? Have you lost them? YOU SHOULD BE LYING LOW.

Roger and his atrocious wig are not convinced. He grows suspicious. The fact that Roger, the DRUNK, lowlife can tell that Kate is lying tells you all you know need to know about her missing brain. She says she doesn’t know a thing and walks away with her tail between her legs.

Back to the van Hurley is all like, I talk to loads of dead people.

Sometimes we even play chess. LOL.

Then Miles is all like, I don’t talk to dead people. ” It’s a feeling. A sense. When somebody’s dead, their brain stops functioning, which means there’s no more talking. There’s just who they were and whatever they knew before they died.” Hurley is like that’s not how it works for me. Miles is all like, I am happy for you pal. Then Hurley goes, you are so jealous that my powers are better than yours.

AWESOME -did I say I am loving these two together?

They arrive at the Orchid, which is still being built at this time. Dr Chang is angry that Miles brought Hurley and sweet, sweet Hurley can’t lie for shit and says

Don’t worry, I won’t tell anybody about the body. oops.

Chang tells him that if he tells anyone he will be cleaning Polar Bear feces. Sweet. Then he takes the body inside and ask them to wait for him.

Hurley is all like, dude that guy is a total douche(Hurley you are wrong here, the only douche around this island is YOU-KNOW-WHO)

That douche is my dad, says Miles.

Naomi and Miles at the restaurant. She pays him to talk to a dead man – it is a test, you see. Miles does it.

“His name’s Felix. He was on his way to deliver something to… uh… a guy named Widmore. […] A bunch of papers, photos, pictures… of… empty graves, a purchase order… for an old airplane.”

Cutie tells him that they need his help. She is the leader of an expedition that goes to this island to find a man who is difficult to be found. “This island has a number of deceased individuals residing on it.”This man is responsible for their deaths, and I need someone who get me information about his whereabouts from …them.

He is not inclined to go searching for a mass murderer. He has standards !and honour! then she offers him 1.6 million dollars and he says yes.

Hurley is telling his new BFF that it is so weird that the dude from all those Dharma videos is his dad. Miles says he doesn’t want to talk about it to which Hurley and I reply, hello why did you tell us that he was your father then? Freudian much? Hurley asks how long has he known..

“The third day we were here, I was on line at the cafeteria, and my mother got in line behind me. That was my first clue.”Hurley asks if the intends to let his father know about the Dharma Purge , you know when Ben kills everyone in the Dharma? Miles is all like whatever happened happened , I can’t change things so nope. Then Chang comes back asks Miles to drive him somewhere else.

Cut to the One and Only Douchebag. He is cleaning a blackboard. Notice that he sucks at it.

*prepare for JackFaces!*

Roger shows up and is all angry that Jack is doing his job. Jack is all like, hey I wanted to help, I heard about your kid and stuff. Roger is all like, which part did you hear? The one he got shot or the one he disappeared?

Jack is like, why are you working then?

“what else amI going to do? Sit around and pray that those idiots are gonna find my boy?””

Roger asks Jack if he knows this woman, Kate. ha, does he. In biblical sense, no less. Roger is all like, the woman likes my kid. She visits him, gives him blood. Then he goes missing and she is all like ‘Don’t worry. He’s gonna be okay’. “I’m gonna tell you something, man. I’m beginning to think that she’s got something to do with this. I should go an report to Horace” Oh-Oh.

Jack is listening to all this and wondering where did things go wrong? How come I do not know any of this? I am soooooo out of the loop.

But then he is like VERY SMART (notice: sarcasm): “I think, Roger, that… uh… that you’ve had a hell of a day, and that’s given you a very good excuse to go out and get drunk.

Maybe that’s put some — some crazy ideas into your head. I know that woman, Kate. She’s my friend,

and she would never do anything to hurt your son.”

Way to go Jack. That does not sound hostile at.all.

Roger is all like, sure. Roger is so clearly the smart guy here: he notices how unsafe and unstable Jack is and backs off.

In the van, Miles, Chang and Hurley are having a convo.

Hurley is all like so doc, tell me more about your son. Chang says his name is Miles. Hurley is all like, oh my what .a.coincidence. ANOTHER Miles? Then they talk about music, and life and everything and Hurley is all like we should totally get together for a beer some day.

Miles is not amused. But then they arrive at their destination and it’s:

The Swan station! our hatch!! Them these two guys are all like,hey what is the number that goes in the lid? The other guy looks at a paper and goes…


42. Says Hurley and I. Miles is like, hey how did you know that? Because that ‘s our hatch :

“The one that crashed our plane.”

Ok, cool and all but can we stop a moment here? So, the freaking numbers, the numbers that had everybody and their dogs wondering about, coming up with crazy theories and the such are just RANDOM NUMBERS OUT OF A RANDOM LIST? I am torn between “briliant” and “lame”. I am more inclined towards lame at the time of writing this recap.

Back to the past. Miles is walking and then van stops and some dudes take him inside.

And he is greeted by this dude and I think I know him and WAIT A MINUTE. Isn’t that the guy that is helping Ilana back in the island??? ha? Anyways, he tells Miles he shouldn’t work for Widmore, he shouldn’t go near the boat that is leaving to the island. The guy asks Miles if he knows what lies in the shadow of the statue. And I am like dude, WHAT in the world lies in the shadow of the statue????Miles says no, he doesn’t. The guy says:

“But if you come with us, all those things you’ve spent your life trying to find out? You’ll know. You’ll know who you are, Miles; why it is you have a gift; and most of all, you’ll know about your father.”

Miles says he doesn’t care about his father, he cares about money and asks for 3.2 millions not to go. The guy says that “All the money in the world isn’t going to fill that empty hole inside of you, Miles.” CHEESY.

Them he tells Miles he is in the wrong team and his own team is going to win. Is he in cahoots with Ben?? Then Ilana knows Ben and was lying. What am I saying? everybody lies in the freaking show.

Hurley is telling Miles about the Swan. “Then they’re gonna have to build a computer with a button you have to push so the world doesn’t end.”LOL, it is incredible how stupid it sounds right? and yet, we were all ooooooooooo, when we first heard it, were we not? Then Hurley asks Miles if Chang was around in the future. Miles says no. Then Hurley is all like, man, what an incredible chance you have here to get to know your dad!

Miles is all like, dude once and for all, I do not care about my dad. “My father is dead. He’s gone. He never cared about me, and nothing I can do will ever change that.”

Hurley is all like, hey is not that bad. Then Miles steals Hurleys notebook and is reading it and is all like, dude what is this?

Are you ready for this? Hurley tells him he is writing the Empire Strikes Back! You see, it’s 1977 , Star Wars has just come out and George Lucas must be looking for the sequel. He says he just wants to help him and you know, make some improvements to the scrip.

Seriously? GENIUS. This is one of the most fun convos ever in Lost. Miles is not convinced and snark at Hurley who says, oh yeah? at least I am not scared to talk to my dad. Look at them behaving like two 10 year old.

Then, Sawyer is all like, honey I am home. WHAT a day I had….

Juliet is all like, dear we have a guest.

It’s Jack(ass). He is there to tell The Leader that Roger suspects Kate.

Sawyer is like, why would he think this?

Well, you see, Kate who is supposed to be a master in lying – I mean, the woman planned and executed the murder of her own step-father  – can not keep a straight face when it comes to Roger. How stupid this storyline, really? Jack and Sawyer agree but because they have soft spot for the girl they just think, well, her heart was in the right place. Excuses, Excuses. Jack is like “I had a talk with Roger. I don’t think he’s gonna say anything to anyone for now. I just wanted you to know.” Like, Jack reporting to Sawyer. How…novel. Then Sawyer thanks him and Jack leaves.

Can we make a pit stop again here? Dudes, Jack is SO in the background this season. Which leads me to think that they are preparing him to come back with a bang. We must all get prepared for The Return of the Master. Inser eyes rolling here.

Then Phill shows up and says he knows who took the kid. Sawyer is all like, will this day never end? and asks who?

Phill presents the tape and we know that Sawyer has been caught!

“You” he says

He asks Phill to come in and

asks him if he told anyone. Phil says no and tells Sawyer he has the benefit of doubt. Which is good for Sawyer and

bad for Phil. Sawyer knocks him out and asks Juliet for

a rope. My mind wanders. He looks so naughty.

Back to another Miles flashback. He is back at the man’s house and says he lied about his son. He wasn’t able to talk to him. The guy says  you could have let me believe you did. Then Miles, says something incredibly true and poignant:

“That wouldn’t have been fair to your son.”  “If you needed your son to know that you loved him, you should’ve told him when he was still alive.”

Back to the Hurley-Miles convo: Hurley apologises for telling Miles he was scared. Then he says the same happened to him and his own father. But now he is friends with him and he does not regret it for a moment

Miles says “I was a baby. I never knew him and I don’t want to. It’s not happening.”

Then Hurley goes:

“That was Luke’s attitude, too. In Empire, Luke found out Vader was his father, but instead of putting away his light saber and talking about it, he overreacted and got his hand cut off. I mean, they worked it out eventually, but at what cost? Another death star was destroyed. Boba Fett got eaten by the Sarlacc. And we got the Ewoks. It all could’ve been avoided if they’d just — you know — communicated.”

“Let’s face it — Ewoks suck, dude.”

Right about then I am impressed at the awesomeness of this convo. Ewoks DO suck. Hurley is so right.

Then Miles walks to his father’s house and sees him playing with his own little self. It is a nice scene that shows that Chang cares for the kid. Miles is close to tears.

Then he gets a phone call and he walks off, sees Miles and ask him to drive to the docks. The sub has arrived with some scientists.

The sub is already there when they arrive then

someone comes out of the sub….

and Miles is as surprised as I am, because I did not see this coming.

He is all like: Dan?????????

And it’s Faraday! Faraday is back!!!! He is like Hey Miles.

“Long time no see”


OMG: Faraday is back? But when and how and why did he leave? and there I was, thinking he was crazy and living somewhere alone in the jungle or even dead! He seems rather sane. and OMG FARADAY IS BACK! WOOHOO!

Anyways, this was a solid episode with some interesting character development. Before the episode beings I wonder WHY do we need a Miles episode. By the end of it, I ask myself WHY NOT? I liked him here and of course I loved his conversations with Hurley.

The only odd thing out was as usual, Kate.I can’t believe how she is acting  – or rather how the writers insist in making her acting like this when we know she is capable of so much more.

Next week: no lost recap. Next Saturday belongs to this man:

Wolvie is here!

Wolvie is here!

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  • Jellybean
    April 25, 2009 at 10:19 am

    I’m interested in that whole “shadow of the statue” thing – they keep mentioning it and now I’m obsessing.

    And did you hear about Henry Ian Cusick, who plays Desmond? A production employee for Lost is suing the production company for wrongful dismissal, and Cusick for “sexual battery”. Say it isn’t so!

  • Ana
    April 25, 2009 at 11:15 am

    Hey Jellybean: I have no idea what it means: do you have any theories?? 😀

    As for the Henry Ian Cusick suit. Man, I read about it this morning and I have been freaking out ever since. Regardless whether this is true or not (and I hope not), I think it does not bode well for Desmond. At all. and he is one of my faves! arrrgh

    I heard rumours that when he was shot by Ben , he was seriously injured. I am dreading that he is going to die by the end of the season. 😥

  • Jellybean
    April 25, 2009 at 12:15 pm

    I have no idea what that’s all about. The only thing that comes to mind is the statue with four toes, so maybe something to do with that? I dunno, I stopped trying to figure this show out a looooong time ago.

    As for Desmond–well, they killed off Ana Lucia and Libby right after their DUI thing, so maybe he’s on his way out too. I’m always prepared for it, though. As long as nothing happens to my beloved Sawyer (which I will never forgive), I’m happy to ride out the crazy Lost train wherever it goes.

  • LesleyW
    April 26, 2009 at 5:37 am

    I wondered if the shadow of the statue was something to do with the enormous statue they saw in one of their trips back through time, when the island was skipping? When it was kinda obvious they’d gone waaaaaayyyyy back further than they’d been before.

  • KristieJ
    April 26, 2009 at 7:43 am

    I must say I thought this episode a bit of a throw away in some ways. Miles has never been a main character and I was a bit surprised he got so much of the story. I did love the dialogue though between him and Hurley. Speaking of Hurley – have you ever visited his blog? He is as funny in RL as he is as Hurley. I laugh every time I check it out.

    And as for the charges against Desmond – I noticed that character from Lost was being charged – I don’t know the real names of a number of characters so I didn’t know who Henry Ian Cusick was. When I checked it out – I was shocked – shocked I tell you – to see it was Desmond. He’s my second fave character after Sawyer!!

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