Movie review: Two Days in Paris

I recently watched this on DVD having missed it on the cinema. Writen and directed by Julie Delphy (of Before Sunset and Before Sunrise fame) who also plays the lead character Marion, Two Days in Paris is a bittersweet tale of love between two people with very different backgrounds. Marion and Jack have been together for two years. They live and work in New York where she is a photographer and he, a designer. They just spent two weeks in Venice and now are making a pit stop in Paris before heading back home. In Paris, Jack is introduced to Marion’s crazy family, hip friends and has a glimpse of her former love life as he meets several of her ex-boyfriends. And what was supposed to be a romantic trip all of a sudden turns into a very uncomfortable situation where several truths about themselves and their relationship come to surface.

Specially with regards to Marion’s way of dealing with the emotional turmoil that they go through – at points I disliked her intensily and clearly sided with Jack but in the end me (and Jack) remember that life is not black and white. At any rate, it was refreshing to see that this time it was the woman with a very colorful past and not the man.

I think the movie plays really well with what we perceive as being the stereotypical Jewish New Yorker and the ultimate cool and hip French bourgeouis. The dialogue is witty and the story some times take a turn to the ridiculously funny but ultimately it is a clever and sometimes poignant story about two people who love each other and who stumble upon the terrible realisation that sometimes it is possible to be with a person without ever really knowing her. And the choice that you have to make at one point to really open up and show your true self. I loved it.

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  • Stacy~
    February 24, 2008 at 7:34 am

    Sounds pretty good. I’m going to add it to my Netflix.

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