Movie Review: Juno

I am completely in love with this movie!

Juno is a 16 year old who just found out that she is pregnant after having one sexual experience with her friend/boyfriend Paulie Bleeker and now must face the consequences.

It is very refreshing to see a teenager dealing with such an important issue without freaking out. Juno was very down to earth, and handled things pragmatically and admirably. She is one who knows what she wants, who didn’t have sex because she felt peer pressure but merely because she wanted to – she likes Bleeker, she thinks he is cool and all kinds of awesome. Actually, one of the sweetest moments in the movie is her declaration of love – Ellen Page and Michael Cera owned that scene and the romantic in me left the movie quite happy.

I was surprised at how talented Ellen Page is – she deserves her Oscar Nomination. Plus she is SO pretty it hurts the eye. Dear Partner at the end of the screening asked me if he can add her to The List (The List = the list of people we are allowed to have affairs with should any of them appear in front of us. And take mercy on our drooling) and for a fleeting moment I wonder if I shouldn’t add her to MY list, that’s how beautiful I thought she was but then it occurred to me that I would have to kick either Clive Owen or Ewan McGregor out and regained my senses. But back on topic.

The movie is funny with a lot of witty dialogue while at the same time presenting us with poignant moments relating to growing up, falling in love and making life-changing decisions. It is one of those small movies where the acting is subtle instead of earth shattering and the feelings are in their faces and actions rather than in their words. It reminded me a lot of Little Miss Sunshine, another favourite of mine.

Plus, the soundtrack is absolutely wonderful.

Go and watch it and let me know what you think!

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  • Thea
    January 26, 2008 at 5:14 pm

    Ana raaaooor! Ellen Page is brilliant in this movie, and sooo deserves a place on the girl crush list. I love her deadpan delivery. All kinds of awesome.

    Oh and of course I agree with you on the cool soundtrack!

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